Coronavirus in UK live blog: latest as 'UK set for further waves of coronavirus'

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Friday, 17th April 2020, 8:05 am
Updated Friday, 17th April 2020, 12:55 pm

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An NHS staff member wipes her eyes as she holds a sign to thank British veteran Captain Tom Moore who raised over £13 million for the NHS (Photo: ANTHONY DEVLIN/AFP via Getty Images)

Coronavirus live blog, April 16

Last updated: Friday, 17 April, 2020, 17:48

Alok Sharma is speaking now. 

He is joined by Sir Patrick Vallance and Doctor Yvonne Doyle

He confirms that over 400,000 people have been tested for coronavirus in the UK. 

He reminds that social distancing measures will be in place for the next three weeks. 

Sharma reiterates that we mustn't relent and must stay vigilant. 

On the development of a new vaccine he says that he is announcing a vaccines taskforce to coordinate the efforts of government and academia to accelerate the development of a coronavirus vaccine. 

The taskforce is led by Sir Patrick and Jonathan Van-Tam. 

He says the government have greenlit the development of 21 vaccine research projects. 

These projects will benefit from £14m of government funding. 

He thanks all those producing and developing vaccines. 

He says that there is still a long road ahead in developing a vaccine.

Sir Patrick is speaking now. 

He says we remain well placed due to the efforts in social distancing. 

He says there is "a little unevenness", particularly in areas where there haven't been so many cases.

Sir Patrick says that 5,500 have enrolled in clinical trials and we should get answers from these over the next weeks. 

He says there won't be a sudden drop in cases and deaths and it will take time for numbers to come down. 

The trio are taking questions now. 

On the target of 100,000 tests, Sharma says that the current capacity is 38,000 a day (just 21,000 were tested yesterday). 

He says "we are doing everything we can" to hit the target. 

Professor Doyle says we are on track and we have more capacity than demand. 

She says we are confident is there for those in social care. 

On the development of a vaccine Sir Patrick says the industry has stepped up and is looking at growing the capacity.

Sharma says he is speaking to businesses everyday and he knows how tough it is for many. 

He reminds that the furlough scheme has been extended. 

He said the key thing they wanted to achieve was to ensure that businesses could bounce back with employees in place to help do so.

Sir Patrick says that he has talked with the Edward Jenner Insitute who say they are confident that they will develop a workable vaccine. 

He tempers optimism saying that most vaccine trials do not work. 

He also says that we need to back projects abroad in order to stand a good chance of being front of the queue when a workable vaccine is developed. 

Doyle says there are investigations underway into the impact of the coronavirus on NHS workers. 

She says that not all deaths of NHS staff are workplace deaths. 

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