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Wednesday, 20th May 2020, 4:15 pm

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A satirical poster from the group Led By Donkeys depicting Boris Johnson as former British prime minister Neville Chamberlain delivering his “Peace for Our Time” speech in Kentish Town, London (Photo: Justin Setterfield/Getty Images)

Coronavirus live blog, May 20

Last updated: Wednesday, 20 May, 2020, 10:41

Sir Keir moves on and says does the Prime Minister think that it’s right that carers who have moved here from abroad should be required to pay a surcharge to use healthcare themselves. 

Mr Johnson says he accepts difficulty facing care workers who have come from abroad and “saved my life”.

He says we must look at reality that NHS needs funding and those contributions raise £900m.

He says it’s very difficult to find alternate sources. 

Sir Keir says he is disappointed because the PM knows how raw this is. He highlights that current surcharge is £400 a year, that bumps up to over £600 a year from October. 

He says for a care worker on the National Living Wage that would require working 70 pay off the fee. 

He says it is a gross insult to allwho are serving country at its time of need. Says Labour will table and amendment to the bill to exempt NHS and care workers from these bills. 

Mr Johnson said he has given his answer and thinks it is important that we invest in our NHS. He says he wants to see NHS staff paid properly.

The Prime Minister says he hopes leader of opposition will abandon his negative stance. 

Sir Keir retorts 34,000 deaths is negative and of course he is going to ask about that “and quite right to”. 

He says PM is feigning ignorance and there’s no getting away from the fact that there has been no tracing for ten weeks unlike in South Korea and Germany. He says “the PM knows it is vital” and refers to an address to the nation where he said “we can not move forward unless we satisfy the tests” one of which was a world-beating test and trace system. 

Sir Keir said never mind world-beating, “an effective one will do”.

Sir Keir asks can the PM promise that an effective test and trace system will be in place by June 1. 

PM says he has just informed that a test, track and trace sytem will be in place by June 1. There will be 25,000 trackers. 

He reiterates that he hopes the Leader of the Opposition will be more supportive. 

Sir Keir says at yesterday’s briefing Dame Angela McLean said we could take inspiration from Germany and South Korea on testing and tracing. He says the number of covid deaths tands at around 8,000. 

He says that in the UK that despite 2 million tests being carried out there has been no effective tracing in place since March 12 when it was abandoned. “Nearly 10 weeks in acritical period without effective tracing. ” He says that’s a huge hole in our defences.

Prime Minister says he finds the question peculiar and says Leader of Opposition is perfectly aware of tracing stance. 

PM says he is confident that we will have a test and trace operation that will enable us to make progress. That will be in place by the 1st of June. 

Mr Johnson says “he’s simply in ignorance of the facts" because 125,000 care home staff have already been tested.

Mr Johnson says UK is testing more than any other European country. 

Starmer retorts saying the question was “when routine testing would start”. Again refers to Green’s comments that it hasn’t.  He says if Prime Minister is rejecting claims of the Select Committee then that is his own business. 

Hancock is reprimanded or heckling the Leader of the Oppositon. 

Sir Keir says PM missed the point of his question as it was over whether patients were tested before they were returned to care homes. 

He says that’s a very serious question that needs an answer. 

He said heade of Care England was asked when routine testing would start in care homes. He quotes Martin Green, “I think the short answer is that we’ve had the announcement, but what we haven’t had is the delivery and we’re not very clear when that will arrive. ”

Sir Keir says that all those at care homes are to be tested by June 6. He asks “what’s causing the continued delay in routine testing at our care homes?”

Mr Johnson replies saying “he’s right to draw attention to what has happened in our care homes".

The Prime Minister says no one was discharged into a care home this year without the authorisation of a clinician, who have the interest of those patients at heart.

Prime Minister says guidance was changed and since plan was implemented there has been a sharp reduction in care home cases. He says Sir Keir should pay tribute to all those who have helped to fight that epidemic. 

Prime Minister's Questions underway

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is now taking questions from Leader of the Opposition Sir Keir Starmer. 

Sir Keir says that the Health Secretary said that protective rings were put round care homes from the start of the pandemic, but he says this was contradicted by the head of Care England who said that “we should have been focusing on care homes right from the start”. 

He says government advice in March was “negative tests are not required prior to transfers into care homes”.  

He asks “what’s protective about that?”

McDonalds reopens stores

McDonald's has reopened 33 restaurants for drive-through customers after a successful trial for deliveries.

The sites, primarily in south-east England, opened at 11am on Wednesday and are offering a limited menu with orders capped at £25 per car, the fast food chain said.

Contactless payment is also being encouraged.

Nazanin Zaghari-Radcliffe temporary release extended

Captain Sir Tom Moore, reflecting on how he walked laps of his garden to raise funds for the NHS, told BBC Breakfast: "I did it with pleasure and without any hardship because, as it got on and on, the funds got better and better and it just went on and on.

"It was absolutely, totally amazing because not only was it in this country but it seemed to go throughout the world.

"We got messages from I don't know how many countries, it must have been something like 100 countries that wanted to have a word with me because of the sum that was being raised.

"It seemed to have raised the spirits of so many different countries, which was absolutely amazing and to me it was delightful."

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