Action group meets with health board members

Six members of the Galloway Community Hospital Action Group met representatives of Dumfries and Galloway Health Board recently to discuss the effect of staff and budges shortages on services.

Friday, 11th May 2018, 3:58 pm
Updated Friday, 11th May 2018, 4:10 pm
Phil Jones, Angela Armstrong, Marjory Mears, Jeff Ace, Janice Mayall

The meeting in Stranraer was preceded by a visit to the hospital by action group members Janice Mayall, Marjory Mears and Angela Armstrong, hosted by health board chairman Phil Jones and CEO Jeff Ace.

The main topics discussed at the meeting afterwards were the long-term viability of the A&E department and the acute ward in view of budget and staff shortages, and of the need for good communications between the Health Board and the residents in the west of the region.

Ms Armstrong said: “We are grateful to the dedicated staff who welcomed us to the hospital and told us of the many good aspects of the facilities there. We also discussed the concerns in respect of staff and financial shortages which concern us all.

Pictured from left are: Phil Jones, Angela Armstrong, Marjory Mears, Jeff Ace, Janice Mayall.

“It was great to visit in the company of Board Members who were able to witness the interaction of the hospital staff with us. It also meant that staff were able to see that we are fully supportive of their hard work in the hospital. Retired nurses Janice Mayall and Marjory Mears were the stars of the show with their knowledge of the hospital, the staff and the patients and I really believe that both Board members learned a lot from them.

“Mr. Jones said to me afterwards that ‘we did indeed have a good outcome and Jeff and I have taken a number of issues on board’.“

Action Group leader Willie Scobie said : “From what I hear of Friday’s meeting the Action Group has now opened an ongoing dialogue and lines of communication with the NHS which we will be holding them to. A great big thank you is due to those of GCH Action Group who were present for their time and efforts.”