Young people say 'Count Me In!' in new drive for a Galloway National Park

Young people are making their voices heard in the campaign to create Scotland’s third national park in Galloway.

Friday, 16th April 2021, 3:52 pm
The young people take to social media to push for a new national park in Galloway

It comes as several political parties have pledged their support for new national parks, with Finlay Carson, Emma Harper and Colin Smyth all solidly behind the idea.

Six Stewartry secondary school pupils are among those who will help drive Count Me In! This initiative is designed to allow young people and businesses to show their backing for The Galloway National Park Association’s (GNPA) proposals.

They will be using their social media skills to spread the word about Count Me In!

Mackinley Brown (15): “Having a national park here is the right thing to do. There's so much wildlife here that's not getting protected, and it deserves it as much as any place in the country.”

Loulou Henderson (16): “This is such a great place to be and to visit. A Galloway National Park would protect it all but would also bring in tourists and means lots more activities.”

Kate Mariacci (15): “Galloway is outstandingly beautiful. I want to share this with the rest of the nation and even the rest of the world.”

Anna Miller (15): “It would mean more chances for people to see what a beautiful area this is, and would create more job opportunities that would encourage young people to stay.”

Logan Thorburn (15): “I think it would bring more activities, like more trails for mountain biking, walking trails, swimming, and other things and that would be just great.”

Ruby Walsh-Kirk (15): “I think a National Park would bring more activities to the region and would create new opportunities for jobs.”

Several of the social media volunteers have previously spoken at conferences about GNPA, taken part in a TV documentary and have been gathering names for a petition they plan to deliver to the Scottish Parliament which over 600 young people have already signed.

GPNA chairman Rob Lucas said: “It’s clear there is tremendous public and political support for a new national park in Galloway- and we believe this will continue to build through Count Me In!”