School gets top marks at inspection

Belmont Primary gets glowing school report
Belmont Primary gets glowing school report

Education Scotland has reported on its inspection of Belmont Primary School and Nursery, following its visit in February 2018.

Inspectors evaluated the leadership of change and ensuring wellbeing, equality and inclusion and very good.

Learning, teaching and assessment and raising attainment and achievement were evaluated good. The nursery class was evaluated as good in all areas.

In a letter to parents, Education Scotland recognised the strengths of the school as: Strong positive relationships across the school resulting in happy, friendly children who are highly motivated to learn and achieve.

The headteacher’s outstanding leadership of inclusion that is valued by all and permeates the life and work of the school.

The senior management team and the highly motivated staff’s collegiate approach to removing barriers to children’s learning.

The strong partnerships working with parents and the community that focus on improving experiences for children.

Gayle Blackwell, chair of the school’s Parent Council, said: “I’m delighted, but not in any way surprised, to read such a positive report. It is clearly apparent throughout our school that positive, inclusive relationships are nurtured and that this results in a happy, friendly environment for all who attend or visit the school. It’s reassuring that this was noted by Inspectors during their visit.”

Head teacher William Burns said: “I’m delighted that Inspectors were happy to praise our children who they stated were highly motivated to learn and achieve. They readily acknowledged that this was encouraged and facilitated by a strong school management team and our staff’s collegiate approach to effectively support children. The partnership working with parents and external agencies is key to this and this was also recognised by inspectors. It was reassuring that the two areas for further improvement had clearly been identified by school staff as part of our ongoing self- evaluation.”