ES inspection for Minnigaff

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Education Scotland completed an inspection and report on Minnigaff Primary School this week.

The key strengths of the school were identified as friendly, well-behaved, children who are happy at school and eager to learn.

They support each other well in an inclusive environment.

Also identified were the developing collegiate environment led by the headteacher and the very positive relationships between staff and children to support the school to continue its journey to improvement; the quality of partner work to support staff and children and the quality of transitions at both the early learning setting to primary and from primary into the associated secondary support children well.

The following areas for improvement were identified and discussed with the headteacher and a representative from Dumfries and Galloway Council: Staff should develop their assessment, monitoring and tracking arrangements further to support learning and improving attainment.

These need to focus on clear smart targets and include regular dated evaluations of latest and best progress.

The school should also continue with its plans to develop staff’s shared understanding of moderation procedures and standards, especially in literacy and numeracy, in order to ensure accurate monitoring and tracking of progress.

Staff need to have more opportunities to moderate standards at all levels within and beyond the cluster.

The school should continue to improve attainment, achievement and the use of digital learning further.

The head teacher, principal teacher and staff should continue to develop strong links with parents and partners in the wider community to enhance outcomes further for all learners.

What happens at the end of the inspection?

Education Scotland will ask for a report on progress within one year of the inspection.