Council receives positive feedback over remote learning

Dumfries and Galloway Council has received positive feedback on remote learning as as teachers and pupils continued with education in alternative ways during lockdown.

Monday, 22nd February 2021, 3:04 pm
Updated Monday, 22nd February 2021, 5:12 pm
Pupils haven't been in the classroom for some time, but the larning has not stopped

A report to the Education and Learning committee on the Covid-19 response within Education featured the thoughts of head teachers, teachers, pupils, school staff, parents, Education Scotland and parent councils on the situation.

Even though the majority of teachers and pupils have been at home instead of in their classrooms it doesn’t mean that learning has stopped.

Head teachers have been in frequent contact with teachers on the learning provided to ensure it meets the expectations of pupils and parents and in keeping with curriculum for excellence.

Education Scotland is checking in with different schools across the region each week to find out about the learning being provided, how teachers have adapted lessons and to hear from pupils about how they are getting on with remote learning.

In addition, pupils are being provided with regular feedback on the tasks being set and have the opportunity to speak to teachers about their lessons or any difficulties that they are having.

James Smith, head teacher at Castle Douglas High, said: “Lockdown tends to be filled with difficult questions and endless challenges.

"Too often we all don't get to see examples of the fantastic things that the young people are doing and that dedicated staff are helping them to achieve.

"As well as our class teachers, the staff in the learning centre have been working really hard to make sure the pupils still get their numeracy and literacy tasks as well as other activities like baking/cooking, yoga, art etc.

"Staff have also organised regular meet ups online with some other pupils that we sometimes work with and this has been a great way to help them keep connected with each other.”

Stranraer and the Rhins councillor Ros Surtees added: I’m hearing from a lot of parents about how well their children have adapted to learning at home.

"Nobody is underestimating how challenging it can be for families to be at home during this time, so the positive feedback of structured learning in place is good to hear.”