Farm markets


Saturday, 26th July 2014, 3:45 pm

AYR – MONDAY 21st JULY 2014

2114 Prime Lambs sold.

Lambs a lot cheaper today to average 172p/kg peaking at £90 for Beltex Lambs from East Revoch and Potterston Farms, top price per kilo of 208.3 was paid for Beltex Crosses from S Rorison, Dallowie.

Leading Prices (per head) Lambs:

Beltex: £90 East Revoch & Potterston £79.50 Yonderton Suffolk: £85 Threepland £78 Robstone £77 Roan Texel: £84 High Woodston, Blairbowie, Moorfield Ave & Laigh Boreland £83 Farden £82.50 Lyonston & Chapelton £82 Daljedburgh Cross: £66 Dalwyne £65 Hemphill Blackface: £61.20 Dalwyne £60 Perryston & Dalwyne Char: £75 Cockhill £72 Broadhead Roussin: £78 Aucehnroy Cheviot: £73 West Blackbyres

Leading Prices (per kilo) Lambs:

Beltex: 208.3p Dallowie 195.7p East Revoch & Potterston 189.3p Yonderton 187p Barneil 187p East Revoch 185p Yonderton Suffolk: 185.4p Perryston 177p Viewfield 176.8p Mid Brockloch 176.4p High Woodston Texel: 200p Broadshean 190.2p Laigh Boreland 188.6p Farden 187.5p Westlands 186.7p Moorfield Ave 185p Giffordland Cross: 179.4p Dalwyne 175p Perryston Blackface: 180p Dalwyne & Aitkenhead Char: 171.4p Broadhead 170.5p Cockhill Roussin: 181.6p Dalwyne Cheviot: 173.8p West Blackbyres

2766 Prime and Cast Sheep sold.

532 Cast Sheep sold, the better fleshed Continental Ewes and Blackfaces maintained recent rates, but Mule Ewes would be cheaper. Cast Tups sold to £134 for Texels from James Young, Girvan Mains. While Ewes peaked at £117 for Texels from David Craig, Kennox. Blackface Ewes peaked at £67 from Mungo Hunter, Pennymore.

Leading Prices (per head)

Texel Tups: £134 Girvan Mains £129 Chapelton £106 West Brockkloch Texel Ewes: £117 Kennox £114 £100 (x2) Lyonston £98 Potterston £94 Westlands Suffolk Ewes: £101 Lyonston Texel Ewes: £90 West Brockloch Cheviot Ewes: £70 West Blackbyres Cross Ewes: £61 Rowanstone Leic Ewes: £64.50 Laigland Bf Ewes: £67 Pennymore

AYR – TUESDAY 22nd JULY 2014

25 Prime Cattle sold.

4 Steers today averaged 196.3p/kg, peaking at 213p/kg for a Limousin from I Stewart, Challochmun.

Limousin Steers 213p/kg Chalochmun 208p/kg Birkentop

Galloway Steers 185p/kg 176p/kg Whitehurst Park

18 Heifers averaged 197.3p/kg Top price of 216p/kg was paid for Limousin Cross from Mr J Howie, Auchentibbert.

Leading Prices (per kilo) Heifers:

Lim: 216p 210p 209p 201p (x2) Auchentibbert 207p 206p Challochmun Char: 200p 192p Auchentibbert 193p Routenburn Blonde: 192p Challochmun

3 Young Bulls sold to 178p/kg from South Hourat Farms

19 Dairy Cattle, 73 Calves, 34 Stirks & 1 Cow & Calf sold today.

Dairy Cattle were a mixed show for quality and averaged £1338.42.

Friesian Calved Heifers £1920 East Carngillan £1800 Park O Barnaigh & East Carngillan £1780 Drumtall

Calves all classes sold slightly easier than last week’s tremendous trade.

Leading Prices (per head) Calves Bulls:

Char: £440 Broomberry B/Blue: £420 Croftfoot £380 East St Colmac Lim; £380 Fowler £360 Drumacloy A/A: £375 Meikle Laught Black Poll: £420 Graystale Short: £250 Meadowbank

Leading Prices (per head) Calves Heifers:

Char: £450 & £410 Clachan Sim: £440 & £410 Macmanniston B/B: £385 East St Colmac £280 Tarshaw A/A: £355 Graystale £325 Meikle Laught Lim: £430 Philgowan £350 Graystale

Stirks trade firmer on the week.

Belted Galloway Cow & Bull Calf: £960 High Mains

Leading Prices (per head) Stirks Blks:

Char: £940 & £850 Maxwelston Lim: £930 Maxwelston Sim: £810 Mid Gleniron AA: £630 Howcommon Hfd: £545 Garfield

Leading Prices (per head) Sitks Hfrs:

Sim: £690 Mid Gleniron £560 Garfield Lim: £640 Drumwhirn AA: £630 Howcommon Char: £550 West Enoch

Leading Prices (per head) Bulls:

Sim: £540 Glenturk AA: £640 Burnton Lim: £665 Mossend Ayrs: £380 Loanhead

206 Cast Cows & Bulls sold, good fleshed Dairy Cows maintained recent rates, leaner sorts cheaper on the week.

17 Bulls averaged 126.56p/kg

82 Beef Cows averaged 118.74p/kg

83 Dairy Cows averaged 97.65p/kg

24 Clean Cattle averaged 147.67p/kg

Bulls sold to £1480 for a Limousin Bull off Millafleck or 149.6p/kg for an A/Angus off Townhead of Drumley, Beef Cows to £1080 for a Limousin off Glenturk or 167p/kg for a Simmental off the same home. Dairy Cows topped at £1110 for a Friesian off Burnton (Crosshill) or 128.5p/kg for a Friesian off Buitonhead. Clean Cattle peaked at £1140 for a Friesian Bullock off Drongan House or 177.8p/kg for a Limousin Heifer off Drumwhirn.

Leading Prices (per head) Bulls:

Lim: £1480 Millafleck AA: £1160 Larg £1080 Broughton Skeog & Townhead of Drumley

Leading Prices (per head) Cows:

Lim: £1080 Glenturk £1040 Drumdow Short: £1060 Downieston £860 Loanhead Char: £1020 Mahaar Sim: £1050 Glenturk £980 Mahaar A/A: £1030 Broughton Skeog £990 South Milton Sal: £940 Pinmore Mains Friesian: £1110 Burnton £1060 Barneil £1030 Crossflat & High Threemark £990 Burnton £970 Dechmont

Friesian Blks: £1140 Drongan House £1120 High Threemark & South Barr A/A Blks: £1080 High Threemark Lim Hfr: £880 Drumwhirn




Wallets Marts Castle Douglas Limited held their fortnightly sale of Store and OTM cattle on Monday.

Store cattle were short of requirements given the amount of extra grazing available this season. Topping the sale at £840 was a pen of Limousin cross bullocks from

RM Jamieson, Garrochtrie, Port Logan selling to Kingan Farms, New Abbey. Topping the heifer section at £800 were a pen of Aberdeen Angus heifers from W & D Purdie, Inglestonford, New Abbey.

OTM cattle sold well in the current climate to average 119.37p per kilo or £711.02 per head. Top price per kilo was 150p paid to Messrs Maxwell, Halket Leaths for a Limousin cross cow. Top price per head was £1103.20 paid to T McKinnel, Drumneil for an Aberdeen Angus cross cow.



Wallets Marts Castle Douglas Limited sold 1455 Prime and Cast Sheep at their weekly sale on Tuesday.

1275 prime lambs were harder to cash in line with the national trend. Topping the sale at £80 per head were a pen of Texel crosses from Southwick farms selling to Border Meats, Lockerbie. Top price per kilo was 194.9p paid to Gelston Castle farms for Texel crosses which were bought by Vivers Scotlamb Ltd, Annan. Overall average levelled at 169.54p.

180 cast ewes met a similar trade selling to £78.50 for Texels from Southwick farms, Blackfaces sold tor £45 form Boreland of Girthon, Cheviots to £56.50 from Slatehouse and Mules to £70 from Culnaightrie.

Light 32.1 – 39 kg

Average 174.66p per kilo

Top Price 194.9p per kilo


Langbarns £65; Boyach £60


West Barmoffity £66; Cotland £65; Trowdale £64;


Gelston Castle £76; Kirkbride £74; Slatehouse £73; Nethertown £70; Townhead £69; Langbarns £68.80; Trowdale £68.50; West Barmoffity £67;

Medium 39.1 – 45.5 kg

Average 168.21p per kilo

Top Price 186.3p per kilo


Brae £70; Little Fenwick £70; Park of Tongland £65.50;


Kilquhanity £70; Culdoach £64.50;


Culnaightrie £72.50; Lagganpark £71.50; Ingleston £70; Meikle Kirkland £69.20; Boreland of Girthon £69; Cannee £69; Castlehill £68.80; Nethertown £68; Langbarns £67; Trowdale £67; Townhead £67; Glentoo £67; Park of Tongland £66; Mill of Plunton £66;


Southwick £80; Lagganpark £76; Romesbeoch £75.50; Valleyfield £73.80; Byrecroft £73; Cotland £73; Culnaightrie £72.50; Torhouskie £72; Slatehouse £72; Geltson Castle £71.20; Meikle Kirkland £71; Spittal £70.50; Mill of Plunton £70; Cannee 370; Shirmers £70; Boyach £70; Kilquahanity £70;

Heavy 45.6 – 52 kg

Average 160.61p per kilo

Top Price 169.6p per kilo


Brae £74


Culnaightrie £76.50; Castlehill £76.20; Boreland of Girthon £75; Glentoo £75


Mill of Plunton £79; Killochy £78.20; Byrecroft £78; Culnaightrie £76; Boyach £76; Spittal £75.20



Boreland of Girthon £45; High Barcaple £42; Pulcree £41.50


Slatehouse £56.50


Culnaightrie £70; Boreland of Girthon £65; Rainton £56;


Southwick Farms £78.50; Slatehouse £75.50;