The fight goes on for Pinneys workforce

Colin Smyth MSP along with local Annan councillor Sean Marshall
Colin Smyth MSP along with local Annan councillor Sean Marshall

There was a further shock in store for Pinneys fish processing plant staff following last weeks meeting with the parent company’s boss.

The meeting with Chief Executive of Youngs Seafood, Bill Showalter at Pinneys in Annan revealed that Youngs Seafood itself is to be put up up for sale!

Many of those present were stunned by the news saying they had no idea this was the situation, calling for a halt to the plans to close Pinneys until such time as Youngs have a clearer picture of the future for the company as a whole.

Commenting MSPColin Smyth said: “Reports that Youngs Seafood are to be put up for sale will add to the anxiety of the nearly 700 people who face losing their jobs if Pinneys closes. The company should call an immediate halt to any plans to close Pinneys as they have no idea what any potential new owners of Youngs May wish to do with the site.

“ It may well be that they will want to retain Pinneys and the workforce and Youngs should not be making any decisions until that is clear. To do so would simply show further contempt by Youngs of a workforce and community that have been treated appallingly by the company.”

Council Depute Leader, Rob Davidson commented: “What struck me has been the attitude and ongoing commitment from Pinneys’ staff. Despite difficult circumstances and natural concern about the future, their dedication is admirable and they are showing themselves to be a strong and valuable asset, which would be a credit to any company.”

The Depute Leader went on to say: “I would like to reaffirm my reassurances to the employees of Pinneys from our Council that we are trying everything we can to keep this factory open, and will support the staff and the wider community of Annan through this difficult time and for as long as it takes.”

Cllr Archie Dryburgh said: “I would reiterate that our top priority is to keep the factory open with a view to maintaining as much local employment as possible. I am aware that this Company employs not only individuals, but numerous families in our area.”