Superslow broadband allegation is dismissed as ‘ludicrous’ by SNP

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The SNP has strongly rejected a claim by Conservative MSP Finlay Carson that the Scottish Government is dragging its heels over the introduction of superspeed broadband to Galloway.

Its local MSP, Emma Harper stated this week: “It is ridiculous for Finlay Carson MSP to accuse the SNP of inaction over superfast broadband when it was the Scottish Government which took matters into its own hands with a plan to address infrastructure gaps.

“The Scottish Government is committed to the roll out of the ‘Reaching 100%’ project to extend superfast broadband access to every home and business in Scotland by 2021 - a project the Tories in Westminster will only be a contributing a meagre 3% of the overall cost to.

“I have been engaging with and listening to local constituents who I have reassured will not be left behind and I completely empathise that 2021 may seem like a long way away for people who desperately need digital optimisation for their homes, families and businesses.

“However, if we had left broadband rollout to Finlay Carson’s Tory party, only 66% of premises in Scotland would be connected to fibre broadband – not the 95%+ it stands at now thanks to Scottish Government intervention.

“Judging the UK Government’s commitment to broadband in Scotland by its ‘spending per head’ compared to the rest of the UK is a ludicrous comparison - Scotland takes up a third of the land mass of Britain and has less than a tenth of the island’s overall population.”