Spring Fling line-up unveiled as 20th anniversary marks return to in-person event

The full line-up of artists and makers has been unveiled for the 20th Spring Fling open studios event.

By Brian Yule
Wednesday, 16th February 2022, 2:07 pm
Updated Wednesday, 16th February 2022, 5:45 pm
A total of 96 participants will take part in Spring Fling including glassmaker Amanda Simmons
A total of 96 participants will take part in Spring Fling including glassmaker Amanda Simmons

This year’s event is being extended to four days as 96 participants from across Dumfries and Galloway throw open their studio doors between June 2 and 5.

It will mark Spring Fling’s return to being a physical first event after two years in which it was largely or completely digital due to the pandemic.

Amanda Simmons, a world-renowned glassmaker based in Corsock, said: “Spring Fling is one of the only shows where I get to talk to the people who buy my work.

Textile artist Jo Gallant has taken part in 18 previous Spring Flings

"I enjoy taking visitors through my thought processes and how I make the work while giving them access to the studio and equipment needed to make the work.”

Hope London, a painter/mixed media artist from Wigtown, said: “Since I moved to Wigtown taking part in Spring Fling has played a valuable role in my practice.

"It inspires me to keep creating innovating and putting the work out there no matter what challenges life throws in the way.”

Jo Gallant, a textile artist from Mossdale who has taken part in 18 previous Spring Flings, said: “I have missed being able to meet the public over the last 18 months so am very much hoping that I can have my studio really open and not just virtually.”

Kay Ribbens, a maker of fabulous hats from Kirkcowan, said: “Spring Fling is a really important as it gives me an opportunity to open my studio to the public and show all my latest work while meeting visitors face to face.

"It is also inspiring to know that I am part of a large network of artists and makers working all over the region.”

The full list of artists and makers is available at www.spring-fling.co.uk ​​​​and includes everyone from potters, painters and original printmakers to furniture makers, textile artists and jewellery designers.

Chris Bridgman, Upland project manager, said: “This is going to be one of the most special Spring Flings, partly because it’s the 20th and the jubilee, but perhaps most of all because it marks our return to being a physical event.

“We look forward to welcoming people from across Scotland and beyond to meet amazing artists and makers while enjoying one of the most beautiful and hospitable areas of Scotland.”