Scottish Water is driving for a greener future

The newest and greenest addition to Scottish Water’s vehicle fleet has taken to the roads in Dumfries and Galloway to help reduce carbon emissions.

Monday, 10th May 2021, 4:53 pm
Jamie Hesketh drives the electric van between waste water treatment sites across Dumfries and Galloway

A fully electric-powered Renault Kangoo, with a range of between 80 to 140 miles per charge, is now being used by Waste Water Process Scientists in the region to fuel green energy benefits.

Process scientist Jamie Hesketh said: “It is great we are now maintaining high quality water standards as well as contributing towards a reduction in carbon emissions.

“I cover up to 200 miles a week, knowing I am in an electric van now and not emitting any pollution and so doing a wee bit to protect the planet is a good feeling.”