Newton Stewart hotel hits back at ‘gossip’ on social media

The Bruce Hotel in Newton Stewart has hit out at social media ‘gossip’ suggesting it is breaking the Scottish Government’s lockdown rules.

Monday, 18th January 2021, 11:02 am
Updated Monday, 18th January 2021, 11:03 am
The Bruce Hotel in Newton Stewart (archive picture)

Management has been informed by members of staff that social media posts are circulating regarding the provenance of some guests.

It has been suggested that some people residing at the hotel should not be there and also drawing attention to vans from different parts of the country being in Queen Street.

However, in a statement on his Bruce Accom page on Facebook, the hotel’s general manager Calum Troup explained those staying there are actually workers for the new lorry park at Castle Kennedy airfield which will serve Cairnryan port.

According the Scottish Government’s exemption list people are able to stay away from their homes if it is for work purposes.

Mr Troup said: “I think that anyone who knows me or the Bruce Hotel will be aware that absolutely nobody would be allowed to stay here unless they have the correct credentials.

“As it happens I have several people who are working on the lorry park at Castle Kennedy in traffic management.

“They are key workers, working for the government and could be here for the next month or two.

“These guys stay in their rooms when in the hotel; the bar and restaurant areas are locked permanently.

“All protocols regarding masks, sanitizing and social distancing are adhered to etc, etc.”

Mr Troup is annoyed by the suggestion the hotel has broken rules when they have turned down bookings in order to stick to them, and urged anyone who has an issue with how the hotel is being run to contact him directly.

He said: “What really annoys me is that we have followed the letter of the law since March last year, even refusing many bookings when we were open. Many others have not!

“If anyone has any issues with the way the hotel is being run, please call me at the hotel and discuss it with me like a grown up - not post it on social media for likes and gossip.”