Jay's amazing mobiles head to Spring Fling

The amazing wooden mobiles of Jay Rubinstein from Dundrennan will be showcased during Spring Fling.

Jay Rubinstein with his giant Tyger mobile in his Dundrennan studio. Pic: Colin Hattersley Photography
Jay Rubinstein with his giant Tyger mobile in his Dundrennan studio. Pic: Colin Hattersley Photography

The two Spring Fling Pop-UPs will feature work by 32 artists and makers, with some being showcased at Ottersburn Gallery in Dumfries and others at Mill on the Fleet in Gatehouse of Fleet from May 29 to June 6.

Jay, whose work will be shown at Ottersburn Gallery, divides his time between woodwork and volunteering for the charity Massive Outpouring of Love.

His mobiles, including one inspired by William Blake’s The Tyger, are constructed from multiple layers of individually shaped pieces of wood and veneer.

Other mobiles include “Caxtons”, which he made after reading A Martian Sends a Postcard Home by Craig Raine, and a fish made of birds which he created thanks to Pied Beauty by Gerard Manley Hopkins.

Jay, who despite being a trained cabinet maker spent most of his career in computing, said: “I loved woodwork and was able to return to it when I retired.

"I became fascinated with the idea of how lots of tiny pieces could be used to create a complex and moving whole.

“Words or images from a poem often catch my imagination and lead me to make a mobile that captures an idea in three dimensions.

“I had been planning to take part in Spring Fling last year, but then the pandemic meant that people couldn’t open their studios to the public. But I’m very much looking forward to having my work on show as part of this year’s pop ups.”

More than 60 artists and makers have been selected to take part in the full programme of events and activities – including pop ups, an online exhibition, virtual studios and a special audio art commission.

Around half the artists are contributing to Wish You Were Here!, an online exhibition, from May 29 to June 23, of small-scale work by Spring Fling artists that celebrates the Dumfries and Galloway region.

There will also be three workshops, three talks, two demonstrations and the Upland Creative Commission.

Each of Spring Fling’s participating artists and makers will have their own virtual studio going live on May 29.

For further details visit www.spring-fling.co.uk.