Interships help keep brightest young minds in the local area

The Galloway Glens’ Scheme has been working with a range of partners to design and provide work experience opportunities.

Friday, 12th March 2021, 5:33 pm
Amber Wright is working as a field technician with Natural Power Consultants

Amber Wright, Abbie Nye and Calypso Coulton make up the first tranche of intern positions being supported by the scheme thanks to funding from the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

Amber is in post as a field technician with Natural Power Consultants, Abbie is working with Galloway Fisheries Trust and Calypso has a position with Castle Douglas Development Forum/Better Lives Partnership.

Galloway Glens’ education and community engagement officer, Helen Keron, said: “With three of our Galloway Glens-supported interns in post now, it’s really exciting to see them all settling in and really contributing to the organisations that they’re part of.

"As well as gaining valuable work experience and technical skills in their chosen fields Amber, Abbie, and Calypso and are all making a big difference with the work that they are doing. The very definition of a win-win!”

Amber said: "I think a lot of young people believe there are limited options for them in their local area.

"In high school, myself and many of my peers thought that we had to move to the larger cities to go to university or follow a career path, but this does not have to be the case.

"Internships like mine are a fantastic way to start a career, and a great way for Dumfries and Galloway to keep young innovative minds in the area, which is essential for progression and development.

“Though I am only just a few weeks into my internship, I have already learned a lot at Natural Power.

"I’ve been working on a site investigation with the geotechnical team so I’ve been lucky enough to get to see a lot of the processes involved with starting a project like this.

" I can’t wait to keep learning and hope to continue having as much fun on the job as I have been the past few weeks.

"I hope that my work helps Natural Power towards its goal of a world powered by renewable energy, and that I can do my bit to create a better world for generations to come.”

The scheme hopes to support further positions in the coming years.