Government back potentail showfield buyout

Old showfield in Wigtown
Old showfield in Wigtown

A community group is celebrating after getting the government backing for their plans to buy the old showfield site in Wigotwn, should the present owners decide to sell.

Wigtown & Bladnoch Community Initiative chairperson Laura Mustian today said: “W&BCI are delighted to announce that their plan for community ownership of the Showfield in Wigtown has received Government backing, with its interest in Southfield Park being registered in the Register of Community Interests in Land.

“This means that should 3b decide to sell the field, W&BCI have first refusal, with potential financial support for the purchase from the Scottish Land Fund.

“W&BCI will hold a meeting on 19th of June, 7.30 pm in the Supper Room at the County Buildings to discuss future plans and appoint a board. All members are welcome. Membership is free, and membership forms can be

collected from Machars Action.”

Construction company 3b have revealed plans to build 44 homes on the site and hosted a consultation event in Wigtown last month give residents more information and get their opinions on the proposals.