Former Galloway Gazette editor publishes 22 books since retirement

A former Galloway Gazette editor has just edited and published his 22nd paperback book since taking early retirement in 2013.

A selection of the books written and published by Nic Outterside
A selection of the books written and published by Nic Outterside

Nic Outterside (65), who was chief reporter at the Gazette from 1992-1994 and then returned to edit the paper in 1998, quit his 28-year career in journalism following a nervous breakdown.

Part of the suggested therapy was for him to begin writing about the life experiences which led to his breakdown.

His first book The Hill - Songs and Poems of Darkness and Light, was published in November 2014.

Then a chance meeting with a young Indian author from the Himalayas led to book publishing.

Nic said: “In November 201, I was approached by a 25-year-old writer from Almora who asked if I could edit her first novel.

“I agreed, but the problem was she wanted it published in just five weeks … and hadn’t even written the first word!

“It was at times hectic – but we did it!”

This set in motion a chain of more contacts and other book projects from Nic’s small office in Wolverhampton.

Over the next three years, Nic edited and published four anthologies for writers from such diverse places as Bangladesh, Palestine, Australia, Canada, India, Japan, the USA and Pakistan.

He also edited and published books for four other writers as well as writing and publishing 10 of his own books – two of which became Amazon best sellers.

His most recent project is publishing a series of affordable poetry books for contemporary international writers. Cast Iron Poetry is on its sixth title, with two more scheduled this spring.

Last year Nic registered his business Time is an Ocean Publications as an independent UK publishing house and has a forward schedule running well into 2023.

Nic laughed: “These include a full colour Punjabi cookery book and a photo journal, both of which will be firsts for me.

“I enjoyed an amazing career in newspaper and magazine journalism.

"Along the way also edited all kinds of publications, including leaflets, brochures and football programmes.

“But book publishing was a whole other world and I am getting as much fun out of it as I did with newspapers or magazines.”