Forest industry petition lodged

Timber extraction is a key part of the forestry industry in Galloway.
Timber extraction is a key part of the forestry industry in Galloway.

A Galloway resident has lodged a petition at the Scottish Parliament to support further regulation for the forest industry.

Ian Munn. who lodged the petition, said: “Timber extraction is an important issue within Dumfries and Galloway. Whilst few would argue the importance of the forestry industry to the local economy, there are many people who would support its further regulation so that the local environment is not damaged beyond repair.

“As one of those people, I have created a petition, PE1654: Forestry regulation which has now been published on the Scottish Parliament’s website and will be ‘open’ for gathering signatures and comments until 7 June 2017.

“Thereafter, it will be ‘lodged’ and scheduled for consideration by the Public Petitions Committee.

Here’s the link to the petition webpage:

The petition on the parliament website states: “The forestry industry, both the Forestry Commission and individual private companies, are currently allowed to damage the environment, roads and property without having to make good the damage they cause. Although operational guidelines exist they are purely voluntary, which regrettably means that those involved in the extraction and transport of timber are not required to comply. They can and do damage roads and verges, they operate during anti-social hours and do not, as a matter of course, liaise with those local communities.

“The Scottish Government needs to enshrine the Confor guidelines into legislation such that the public and the environment are protected from this unscrupulous industry.”

A Forestry Commission Scotland spokesman said: “All members of the public are free to lodge a petition to the Scottish Parliament and it will be for the Petitions Committee to consider it. We will monitor the proceedings of the Petitions Committee and any points that they make.”