Dumfries and Galloway TUC queries Scottish Parliamentary candidates on “fair work and fair pay”

Dumfries and Galloway TUC wants to know where all candidates in next month’s Scottish Parliament election stand on “fair work and fair pay”.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 22nd April 2021, 12:36 pm
Updated Thursday, 22nd April 2021, 12:38 pm
Dumfries and Galloway TUC wants to end decades of wage inequalities
Dumfries and Galloway TUC wants to end decades of wage inequalities

In conjunction with the Scottish TUC, the organisation has developed a Charter for Fair Work and Fair Pay for All for distribution to candidates across the region.

D&G TUC secretary John Dennis said: “The pandemic has highlighted our economy’s – as well as our society’s – dependence on thousands of chronically low paid workers, particularly in the care sector, and we simply have to overturn the decades of injustice on pay and working conditions, which have become part of so many people’s everyday working lives.”

The first two principles of the Charter are that all employees should receive the current Scottish Living Wage as a minimum, and that “zero-hours contracts” should not be used by any public sector agencies or in contracts awarded by these bodies.

It goes on to cover questions of national insurance and sick pay, pension entitlement, employment status, directors’ and managers’ pay levels, trade union recognition and flexible working.

Mr Dennis said: “We recognise that the current powers of the Scottish Government may not allow all these elements to be made compulsory immediately.

"However, we wish to know that candidates are committed to the necessary reforms which will allow them, whether that be through further devolution of powers from Westminster or as a result of independence.”

“We hope that this will ensure that electors are fully aware of which candidates stand for social and economic justice and which don’t.”