D&G TUC is looking for new recruits

Dumfries & Galloway Trades Union Council will be launching a springtime trade union membership recruitment campaign at its monthly meeting on Monday (March 21), that will be the first of its kind in the whole of Scotland.

By Brian Yule
Friday, 18th March 2022, 12:35 pm
New campaign is encouraging more people to join a trade union
New campaign is encouraging more people to join a trade union

The D&G TUC campaign will involve a mass programme of leafleting to households where workers may be living who do not realise the benefits of belonging to a trade union.

The leaflets will offer simple messages about how to get help for those whose employers are causing problems for them.

The leaflet encourages people to scan a QR code or visit a website where they can access information about how to join a union and get help and advice. There is also a helpline and an email contact.

D&G TUC secretary John Dennis said: “Trade unions have been central to the resilience of Scottish society during the pandemic over the last two years, keeping things going during lockdown and the prolonged restrictions under which we have all had to live.”

“However, we know that, because of hostile trade union legislation, many workers are employed in sectors where they have little protection from exploitation by their employers, who use zero-hours contracts and other questionable practices to make life difficult for their staff, through low pay, variable hours, and precarious working conditions.

“What is needed is increased trade union membership amongst these groups of workers, so that they can access support and assert their rights, and this campaign is designed to encourage people to join a union in order to be able to do this.”