Community offered 10% share in windfarm

Jeannie Keilty of Banks' Renewables.
Jeannie Keilty of Banks' Renewables.

A proposed wind farm is offering the community the opportunity to benefit from the power and economic value it will generate.

Knockendurrick Community Wind Farm developer, Banks Renewables, is now offering the local community ten per cent equity in the project – an increase from the five per cent offered in the original submission.

Now, residents are being invited to find out more information at an exhibition at Twynholm Village Hall, 7 Main Street, Twynholm on Monday 23rd January from 2-7.30pm. Plans have been amended to include a reduction in six of the turbine heights from 132m to 115m while the seventh would be reduced from 132m to 100m.

Banks Renewables is now urging locals to find out more about the new proposals, which along with further information regarding the community ownership offer, will be presented to the community at the exhibition in January.

Colin Anderson, development director at Banks Renewables, said: “Projects like Knockendurrick wind farm are most successful when they include and are backed by the communities in which they are located.

“We have received a huge amount of positive feedback from locals, and hope that this increase in community ownership encourages even more of a dialogue between Banks and everyone who will benefit from this site.”

The Hamilton based firm is also in discussion with Dumfries and Galloway Council on how to best deliver initiatives designed to improve employment and training amongst locals.

The community’s share of revenues from the seven turbine 14MW site may be invested in providing vital infrastructure, environmental projects and directly in community groups.

The plans are likely to be submitted early in 2017, and along with the turbine height reduction, the site will take a more easterly position – further from the National Scenic Area.

Colin added: “One of the many positive consequences of the close interaction we have had with the community is the capability to amend our plans to provide the best development for everyone.

“We want to build on that relationship and provide the community with meaningful benefits that enable positive change.”