Brexit roadshow is underway

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With so much uncertainty surrounding the farming industry heading into Brexit, NFU Scotland believe it is important to be proactive and look at how this change can be a positive, rather than a negative.

NFUS have produced two CHANGE documents, outlining the plan for farmers to get the best possible deal from the UK leaving the EU.

During November NFUS representatives led by president Andrew McCornick will be travelling across rural Scotland, to discuss with members what Brexit will mean for Scottish farmers and what members would like to see come from the change.

This is an opportunity for members to not only hear about the union’s plans for political lobbying and legislative influence during this time of transition, but also lets them feed their own views in to NFUS representatives.

Scott Walker, NFU Scotland chief executive, said: “Hosting these roadshow events give us, as a union, the chance to create an open dialogue with our members in regards to Brexit and what we want from it.

“We have already released two CHANGE documents in the last year which outline our aims and priorities for the Brexit process and beyond. The roadshow is the opportunity for our members to feed their views on Brexit and our CHANGE documents back to us so we know how we should be moving forward.”

Andrew McCornick, NFU Scotland president, who will be speaking at all of the roadshow stops, said: “We are facing one of the biggest changes in farming and crofting in the last 44 years, since joining Europe. All our business decisions, up until now, have been developed and evolved in a European context. Now things will change, and we are coming to you the members at our regional November Roadshows to prioritise, discuss and shape what our industry needs most in a post Brexit Scotland to deliver a profitable sustainable future.”

The Borders event will be held at The Lodge, Carfraemill, at 7.30pm on November 23.