Area creams off £8m for dairy

How now? Good news for Galloway's vital dairy industry with �8m investment
How now? Good news for Galloway's vital dairy industry with �8m investment

The Borderlands partnership have announced investment of up to £8 million into a new Centre of Dairy Innovation in the South and West Faculty of Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC).

A Dairy Innovation Centre has been included in the Heads of Terms agreement for the Borderlands partnership.

Based at SRUC’s Barony Campus, near Dumfries, the centre will draw on SRUC’s pedigree in teaching, research and consultancy services to support dairy industry-led skills and careers, encourage knowledge exchange and create innovative research across the Borderlands region.

The Dairy Research and Innovation Centre will work with industry and academics to reduce the time it takes for research and technology to be applied within commercial dairies and the supply chain.

There will be a focus on testing new products, technologies and production systems, as well as looking at how to deliver carbon neutral farming solutions.

Professor Wayne Powell, chief executive and Principal of SRUC, said: “Through knowledge exchange and collaboration, the Dairy Innovation Centre will support economic growth across the Borderlands region.

“We are looking forward to working with the Borderlands partners to develop a world-class facility that will drive skills, employment and innovation and I’d like to thank the partners for their support,” he said.

“SRUC has an important role to play in delivering economic benefits across the Borderlands region.”