A sad farewell and new start at Solway Firth Partnership

Rupert Shaw has been appointed the next chairman of the Solway Firth Partnership (SFP) Board of Trustees, following the death of Alastair McNeill during the summer.

Wednesday, 6th October 2021, 2:32 pm
Updated Wednesday, 6th October 2021, 2:33 pm
Rupert Shaw with some of SFP Board-

Alastair was one of the founders of SFP in the 1990s and become a board member in 2011 after retiring from SEPA in 2010.

He took up the position of chairman in 2014, a post he retained until his passing, and will be remembered as a private, gentle man, but one who spoke out with passion about issues he believed were important.

Alastair was widely respected as a consistent and effective regulator who was committed to the protection of Scotland’s environment, and will be greatly missed by all at SFP.

Alastair McNeill

Rupert was nominated and endorsed at the last SFP Board of Trustees meeting.

A Trustee since 2016, he has a Masters in Policy, understands the nuances of this unique cross border partnership and already has a strong working relationship with the staff team.

He is looking forward to attending future events and meeting stakeholders from around the Solway in his new role.

Rupert said: “I can see the Solway from my coastal farm and skirt its edge with almost every journey. I feel naturally entwined and therefore concerned with its wellbeing.

"In addition to environmental need I am also keen SFP play a significant part in preserving our coastal heritage and actively look for projects that help arrest the continuing decline of employment and commercial outcomes from our Firth.”