Port William crowns Queen Erin

Port William's traditional carnival week started last Saturday in traditional style with the crowning of he carnival queen for 2016, Erin Old.

Shaun Dodds, Mary Cowan who crowned the queen, Adam Old. 
(Front) Camay Kelly, Port William Carnival Queen Erin Old, Davina Kiltie and Ethel McCallum.
Shaun Dodds, Mary Cowan who crowned the queen, Adam Old. (Front) Camay Kelly, Port William Carnival Queen Erin Old, Davina Kiltie and Ethel McCallum.

The ceremony was compared by Port William Community Association chairman Shaun Dodds, who invited well-known community personality Mary Cowan to do the honours and crown Erin.

With the new queen in place, the week was underway:

Port William Carnival Week 2016

The opening event of 2016 Port William Carnival Week was thanks to Murray Morland for resurrecting the Short Mat Bowling Competition after eight years. The final saw Steve Mellor and Murray Morland against Robin Kinnear and Jenny Gray, with Robin and Jenny being the eventual winners after a close fought game. The evening’s entertainment continued in the Monreith Arms Hotel with the Darts, Domineos and Adult Pool Competitions, sponsored by Mr John Kay. The results were as follows. Adult Pool Andrew McClurg, runner-up Keith Penrose. Dominoes Donald Lockhart and runner up Graeme Penrose. Darts winner was once again Doit Kiltie and runner-up Gavin Lockhart.

The official start to Carnival Week is the Crowning Ceremony. This year it was tinged with sadness on two fronts. Firstly the Retiring Queen Miss Sabina Sobczak was not able to join us, as she is working across the pond at Camp America and the passing of the Queen Elects beloved Grandmother earlier this week.

The Chairman Mr Shaun Dodds opened the proceedings reminding everyone that recently the village had lost five of “the local worthies”, Jimmy Brolls, John Ambrose, Johny McBride, Brian Highman and Elizabeth Young. Shaun also mentioned Brian Taite who always comes along on Crowning Day to serenade the Queens whilst they wait to depart from the Monreith Arms Hotel, but Brian could not be with us this year, but it is hoped that he will be well enough to join us on Thursday evening for the Fancy Dress Parade.

Shaun went on to say that Retiring Queen Sabina had asked him for a reference for her American adventure and she still managed to get the job! It had hoped that technology would have linked up with Sabina, but sadly it fell to Camay Kelly, Vice Chair of the Community Association to read out Sabina’s message. As tradition dictates, the previous Citizen of the Year Crowns the new Queen. This year’s honoured guest was Mrs Mary Cowan, who is renowned for her work at different events especially The Panto Company. Mary in her address explained that there were too many people to thank for organising the week; however, a special thanks had to go to Annie Murray. By chance they had met at The View Cafe (PIRSAC) earlier in the week and Annie had asked Mary if she had her speech ready? To which Mary responded, “I have my dress and my hat, but what speech!” so Mary being Mary set about putting pen to paper and using the letters of the word Carnival Queen, described Erin the Queen Elect. This was followed by the page boy Adam Old coming forward to present the Crown. Following the Crowning, the new Queen, Miss Erin Old in her inaugural speech spoke of how she had grown up in the village having always taken part in Carnival Week and looked up to the Queens of bygone years and now here she was being crowned. Erin hoped that the young girls in today’s audience would be having the same thoughts for when they are older. Erin also spoke of how it was her Grandmother Liz Young who had encouraged her to come forward for the role, but Liz did not manage to see her Granddaughter crowned. The new Queen also thanked in advance her younger brother Adam for agreeing to act as her support throughout the week, especially travelling with her in the car as part of the Fancy Dress Parade on Thursday evening. Erin’s first task of the week was then to present the Guest of honour with a basket of flowers, made by Alan Murphy. The Retiring Queen Sabina, sent a message saying how sorry she was to miss Carnival Week, but she could not miss the opportunity in working at Camp America and meeting people from all over the world. She wished Erin a successful reign and that the best advice she could give even though as clichéd as it sounds, is to get as much sleep as possible as it is a really busy week of different events. The piper who led the Crowning party was .........

As tradition dictates, the Sports Day always follows the Crowning Ceremony, and this was organised by Rory Christie and his band of helpers. The results were:

Girls 50 metres <5yrs.

1.Nina Christie

2.Eva CVarnachan

3.Anna Vance

Boys 50m < 5yrs.

1.Liam Smith

2.Mac Wallace

3.Tom Christie

Girls 50m 5-7yrs

1.Grace Coats

2.Hazel Dempster

3.Alana McNaught

Boys 50m 5-7yrs.

1.Angus Coats

2.Magnus Dempster

Girls 50m 8-10yrs.

1.Tilly Christie

2.Abigail turner

3.Drew Lochrie

Boys 50m 8-10yrs.

1.Finlay Vance

2.Hunter Kinnear

3.Andrew Smith

Girls 50m 11-13yrs.

1.Lucy Gaw

2.Elli Wadsworth

3.Cameron Kinnear and Anna Christie

Spoon and Golf Ball. <5yrs

1.Isis Lipton Chaney

2.Olivia Allan

3.Eva Carnochan

Spoon and Golf Ball. Boys < 5yrs.

1.Liam Smith

2.Mac Wallace

Spoon and Golf Ball. Girls 5-7 yrs.

1.Grace Coutts

2.Fia Watkin

3.McKayla Lockhart

Spoon and Golf Ball. Boys 5-7 yrs.

1.Inigo Lipton Chaney

2.Angus Coutts

3.Magnus Dempster

Spoon and Golf Ball. Girls 8-10yrs

1.Ruby Vance

2.Bea Christie Ostberg

3.Drew Lochrie

Spoon and Golf Ball. Boys 8-10yrs

Finlay Vance

Cameron Kinnear

Spoon and Golf Ball. Girls 11-13yrs

1.Lucy Gaw

2.Anna Christie

3.Rachel Wilson

Monkey Race. Girls 5yrs

1.Nina Christie

2.Eva Carnochan

3.Isis Lipton Chaney

Monkey Race Boys <5yrs

1.Liam Smith

Monkey Race Girls 5-7yrs


3.McKayla Lockhart

4.Alana McNaught

Monkey Race Boys 5-7

1.Inigo Lipton Chaney

2.Angus Coutts

Monkey Race Girls 8 -10yrs.

1.Ruby Vance

2.Tilly Christie

3.Rebecca Wilson

Monkey Race Boys 8-10yrs

1.Finlay Vance

2.Hunter Kinnear

Monkey Race 11-13yrs.

1.Anna Christie

2.Cameron Kinnear

3.Rachel Wilson

Sack Race Girls 5-7yrs

1.Hazel Dempster

2.Grce Coutts

3.McKayla Lockhart

Monkey Race Boys 5-7yrs

1.Magnus Dempster

Sack Race. 8-10yrs


3.Drew Lochrie

4.Tilly Christie

Sack RaceBoys 8-10yrs

1.Finlay Vance

2.Hunter Kinnear

3.Joshua Grundy

Racegirls 11-13yrs

1.Lucy Gaw

2.Anna Chrtie

3.Elli Wadsworth

Sack Race Ladies

1.Fiona McElrea

Sack Race. Gents

2.Martin Wallace

3.Rory Christie

4.Campbell Kinnear

Horse and Jockey. 8-10yrs

1.Anna Christie and Zoe Wallace

2.Drew and Ailie Lochrie

3.McKayla Lockhart and Abigail Turner

Horse and Jockey 11-14yrs

1.Elli Wadsworth and Lucy Gaw

2.Rachel Wilson and Fern Lochrie

3.Bea Christie Ostberg and Cameron Kinnear

3 Legged girls 8-10 yrs

1.Tilly Christie andDrew Lochrie

2.Beth McElrea and Bea Christie Ostberg

3.Abigail Turner and Rebecca Wilson

3 Legged Boys 8-10yrs

1.Cameron Kinnear and Finlay Vance

3 Legged girls 11-15yrs

2.Lucy Gaw and Tilly Christie

3.Chloe McElrea and Cameron Kinnear

4.Anna Christie and Elli Wadsworth

3 Legged. Adults.

1.Abigail Turner and Amanda Lockhart

2.Campell Kinnear and Cameron Kinnear#

3.Bjorn Chritie Ostberg and Hunter Kinner/Carol Carnothan and Gavin Lockhart

100 yrds Girls

1.Anna Christie

2.Abigail turner

3.Ruby Vance

100 yrd Boys

1.Finlay Vance

2.Cameron Kinnear

3.Joshua Grundy

100 yrds Girls.

1.Lucy Gaw

2.Amanda Lockhart

3.Stewart McAllister

Adult Results and Overall Champions will follow next week.

Carnival Queen Erin later in the afternoon presented the prizes at the Auto Cross, organised by Mr Gaw. The 2016 winners were

1.Neil McKinnel

2.David Cannon

3.Steven Wright

The Saturday evening event was the Carnival Queen’s Disco. This was well attended even with so many other events being held locally. Music was provided by PG Sound System.

Sunday morning dawned dry and fair with a light breeze that helped the competitors in the 10KM Road Race. This was organised by Fiona McElrea and friends. The results were:

1.Gary Flannighan 41.15

2.Ian Hannah 42.59

3.David Roberts 43.54

4.Euan McConnell 44.26

5.Graeme Barr 44.26

6.Kevin Hardley 44.52

7.John Goodenoogh 45.08

8.Peter Horsell 48.11

9.Peter McNaught 50.17

10.John Plumridge 50.47

11.William Nash 52.58 – 13 yrs old

12.Richard Nash52.58

13.MartinaMorse 53.44

14.Chrissie Vincent 55.52

15.Fiona McMcElrea 56.02

16.Hunter Kinnear57.37 – 9 yrs old

17.Campbell Kinnear 57.36

18.Eward Lipton 58.54

19.Katy Nash 01.00.48

20.Arlene Morgan 01.01.02

21.Tilly Christie 01.12.38 – 10 yrs old

22.Rory Christie 01.12.40

23.Kerry and Fia Watkin 01.54.39

DNF Marie Horsell

Also a BIG congratulations goes to 5 year old Archie McNeill who cycled the 8km route with his mum Jemma.

For those not taking part in the Fun Run, you could either wander round the Craft Fair held in the Grand Marquee or sit and watch the Highland Dancing Competition in the Maxell Hall, sponsored by Machars Lions Club and organised by the Paul Herries School of Dancing. The Carnival Queen, her family and Port William Community Association members attended Mochrum Church for the first service of Carnival Week. The Minister was the Rev Joyce Harvey. Readings were undertaken by the Chairman Mr Shaun Dodds and Carnival Queen Erin. Following the church service the Carnival Queen had to rush to present the junior medals at the Highland Dancing. As there was another large entry to this year’s event and in order that everything ran more smoothly, Paula arranged to have the entire junior competitors dance in the morning session and this let them leave at lunch for the senior dancers then arriving for the afternoon. Judge this year was Catriona Campbell from Glasgow. Special thanks go to Mrs Jenny Gray for being on the door. The Highland Dancing cafe was also a roaring success, due to all the home baking that had been donated ranging from sausage rolls/quiches to tray bakes and shortbread. The cafe was run by Eleanor Kelly, Elizabeth Dally, Eileen Hook, Margo Dodds and Bridget Hillman.

Results as follows : Beginners 9yrs and under, overall Highland and National trophy: Ava McCutcheon ( Wallace School ) Beginners 10 yrs and over, overall Highland trophy : Lois Alldred ( Wallace School ) , overall National trophy: tied between Lois Alldred (Wallace School ) and Charis White ( Paula Herries School ) Novice 11yrs and under: overall highland trophy, Alana Mawson ( Wallace school ) overall national trophy, Heidi Miller ( Kay Alexander school) Novice 12yrs and over, overall highland and national trophy : Abbie Green ( Wallace School ) Intermediate, overall highland and national trophy: Chloe Macdonald ( Karen Little School ) Premier 13yrs and under, overall highland and national trophy: Jai Sandhu ( Symar Dance Academy ) Premier 14yrs and over, overall highland and national trophy: Catriona Clark ( Lynette Turner School )

Should Highland Dancing or Craft Fairs not be for you. Then you could have wandered up to the Bowling Green and took part in the Open Pairs Tournament organised by Mr McClurg. This was run as a ‘round robin’ competition and the winners were once again Doit Kiltie and Donald Lockhart, runners up were Alan McLelland and Junior Kiltie. The winning shield was presented by the Carnival Queen Erin.

The late night event was the now famous Curry and Quiz evening. For the first time everyone was able to attend as this event is usually oversubscribed. 25 tables took part and a fun evening was had by all. After a tie breaker question of “How many stories is there in the Empire State Building?” the winners were

1.Table 7 – The Brown Family from Glasgow (£100 prize)

2.Table10 – Cakes R Us (Mochrum)

Bonus Round winners – Table 7 – Cakes R Us

The Booby prize went to Table 10 – The Clansman, who were presented with a copy of the quiz questions.

Thanks goes to Richard Dean Quiz Master, Paul Gorman sound system; Angie Ashton and Moira Adams, Adjudicators and Robin Lockhart for the Table Teaser questions. John Kay (Monreith Arms hotel) for hosting the event. Raffle was undertaken by the Carnival Queen Erin, ably helped by her parents Maria and Charles old. Kitchen was Davina Kiltie and Margo Dodds; front of house Laura McLelland, Adele McLaughin and Nicole Dodds. This year’s curries were prepared by Ian Jolly, Kathleen McLelland, Sovia Ur-rham and Dibs Penrose.

Monday morning dawned bright and clear, providing wonderful sunshine for a day of outdoor childrens events, where adults were also able to join the fun. Starting with Ten pin bowling and New age curling. 45 adults took part in the Ten Pin with Winners – mens Gavin Lockhart Womens Claire Lockhart, children’s Brogen Lockhart and under 5 years Iona McLaughlin. This was followed by the highly completive Crab Fishing Competition on the harbour with over one hundred children taking part. Thanks goes to Robin Kinnear and Andrew Adam for organising this event that grows each year in popularity. This year’s ompetition was based on the single heaviest crab and the winners were:

Under 7 yrs

1.Liam Smith (81gr)

2.Imo (62gr)

3.Emily Watkins (58gr)


1.Aimee (34gr)

2.Robbie Lochhead (31gr)

3.Joshua, Holly and Emma (30gr)


1.Verity Platt (66gr)

2.Innes Macgee and Jack Chaarmens (65gr)

3.Cameron Kinnear (55gr)

After lunch it was time for the Sandcastle competition, followed by a picnic in the Grand Marquee. 103 children took part accompanied by many members of their extended families. The competition was organised by Shirlee Kevan and Anna Campion, the judge Andrew Adam. The picnic was prepared by Dibs Penrose, who also offered toasted sandwiches to any of the accompanying adults for a small donation.

The sandcastle winners were:

5 and under

Anna, Jessie, Jane, Angus and Hamish.

Maci and Leah


6-9 yrs

Stanley and Owen

Tiger Team

Rebecca Renton


Swazzy Sandmakers

Beach Buddies

The Yorkshire Puddings


The turtles

Kings Green Team

Jenna and Amy

16 and over


Megan and Crew2

The Bob Group.

Best Overall : The Beachcombers (The Walker Family)

The night time brought on an Evening of Clairvoyance in the Grand Marquee and had anyone so wished, they could have booked individual sessions earlier in the afternoon.

The open golf tournament at St Medan’s drew an entry of 60. The organiser was Mr T L Ker, and the results were as follows:

Ladies –

1st Dewar Shield D Ro0binson – 85 – 20 – 65

2nd H Smith – 91 – 21-70


McDonald Trophy Scratch - Nicholson – 66

1st Class

1st C McDonald 67 – 6 – 61

J McGhie 70 - 9 – 61

2nd I Gibson 75 – 12 -63

2nd Class

1st M Greaves 76 – 2- - 56 (Pirsac Trophy

2nd C Bell 73 – 13 -60

3rd J Nicholson 77 – 14 -63

J McAdam 77 – 14 -63

P Stryjewski 77 – 14 – 63

Tuesday day activities were mainly for children, starting with junior golf at St Medan’s (results next week). Arts and Crafts in the Grand Marquee had over 70 participants with extended family helping. Thanks go to Maria old for organising the activities. After lunch it was ‘eyes down’ for children’s prize bingo, once again run by the Machars Lions Club. This was followed by the first Kayaking experience of the week. This event proved so popular that instead of two sessions being held in it was extended to three. After the kayaking, there was a Zumba class run by Moira Adams and If anyone had any energy left they could have joined in the children’s Badminton run by Mathew Robinson. Each child was award a medal donated by Briars Engravers, Wigtown and he winners were: Primary 5 and under – Beth McElrea, Primary 6 & 7 Chloe McElrea and Secondary school Elli Wadsworth.

By teatime the rain came on and this is hopefully why there were only 38 entries in the Car Treasure Hunt. The winners were

1.Spotty Dick (aka the Walker family)

2.Chaos Theory

3.Kia Crew


5.Prince William Champagne

6.The Elrig Mob

7.Date Night

8.Ali’s Crew


10.Ant Hill Mob

This was followed by a race Night in the Monreith Arms Hotel.