New Martyrs monolith

A specially designed monolith with information about the Wigtown Martyrs was put in place this week.

Saturday, 29th November 2014, 3:53 pm
Andrew Wilson at the new Witown monolith
Andrew Wilson at the new Witown monolith

The monolith, which was made by Ted McAvoy of Leander Architectural was funded by the Galloway Association of Glasgow and the Scottish Covenanter Memorial Association; Wigtown Community Shop and the Community Council also gave funds. The logos of three of the organisations - Galloway Association of Glasgow, Scottish Covenanter Memorial Association and the Royal Burgh of Wigtown and District Community Council - are at the bottom.

Guidance for the wording was taken from SCMA, and local author and historian Donna Brewster and the monolith installed by Gavin McDowall.

Fundraiser Andrew Wilson said: “I am so grateful to everyone for their support, and happy that people coming to the Martyrs’ stake will know what happened here, and why. Visitors can wonder at the cruelty inflicted, and be moved by the bravery of those women in particular who would not bow to the tyranny of that age. They are both religious and folk heroes to me, and represent the struggle ordinary Galloway folk have always had to be allowed to live as they, rather than their rulers see fit.”