Galloway Past Picture

Kirkcowan School is the focus of of Galloway Past picture this week. Many familar faceas in this one!

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 13th September 2015, 12:39 pm
gall past pic
gall past pic

Back row - Mrs Graham, Molly Love, Nancy Drysdale, Irene Templeton, Sheila Baxter, Florence Hyslop, Agnes McKie, ??, Charlie Bleau, John Paterson, Charles Stewart, Jennifer Hyslop, Barbara Young, ??, Lily McKie, Betty Marshall. Middle row - ??, Sadie Cloy, Maureen McKie, Elma Walker, Dr Marshall. Molly Parker, Mr Paxton, Susan Marshall, Mary Marshall, Betty Marshall, ??, Christine Adair, ??, Lynn and Hazel Hyslop, Caroline Graham, Janice McQuaker, Sylvia Cloy, Jeanne Bleau, Mary Irving, ?? Front row - George Rennie, Jennifer Lowrie, ??,??, Irene Young, Alan Rudd, Susan McKie, ??,??, Kenneth Rudd, ??, ?? ,??, ??.