Dual role for new look Isle Church

Last Sunday, August 10, was a day of real celebration for the Church and wider community in the Isle of Whithorn.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 13th August 2014, 10:24 am
New look Isle of Whithorn church & heritage centre
New look Isle of Whithorn church & heritage centre

After four years of closure due, initially, to a ceiling collapse, the Church was finally reopened with a rededication service conducted by the Very Rev Albert Bogle, former Moderator of the General Assembly. There was standing room only when the chairs ran out before worship began.

Before the Service, the minister, the Rev Alex Currie, offered some of the background leading to the church’s now complete renovation. Thanks to substantial grants from the Church of Scotland General Trustees and the European Fisheries Fund Programme together with other grants and personal donations, the church has now replaced all internal walls, replaced the pews with comfortable seating, created a new kitchen and disabled toilet facility. The building will not solely, be used for worship however. During the week, it will serve as a Maritime Heritage Centre, telling the story of the Isle and its connection with the sea. The project, for the last four years, has been overseen by one of the local church elders, David Carle, who has devoted himself tirelessly to the project. The heritage display, in turn, has been collated by well known local media man Mike Marshall.