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S2 Earthquake Shelters -

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 26th January 2016, 2:40 pm
Updated Tuesday, 26th January 2016, 2:42 pm
Basketball festival winners
Basketball festival winners

The S2 Geography class have recently been studying volcanoes and earthquakes. As part of their course pupils have to work in groups to imagine they have been made homeless due to an earthquake and have to produce a shake, wind and water proof shelter that can fit their entire group. However they only have bamboo canes, bin bags, sellotape and 30 minutes to make the shelter! As you can see some shelters were more effective than others but all groups worked extremely well together and the class had a great time! Congratulations to the winning “Dream Team” of Lucy, Kirsty, James, Dafydd and Alastair. 

Basketball Champions -

The junior girls’ basketball team were successful in the regional tournament held on Tuesday 19th January at Castle Douglas High School, and are now Dumfries and Galloway Junior Girls Basketball Champions. They won all four games played: 18-2, 22-10, 26-2, and 28-12. Jodie Salfenmoser was awarded junior player of the tournament. Congratulations also to all the other girls who played fantastically well.

‘Better Late Than Dead On Time’ Road Safety Performance

The Theatre& production company delivered a performance ‘Better late than dead on time’ and workshop to S6 pupils on Monday 25th January. The aim was to raise awareness of the dangers of the road, examine the impact of driver and pedestrian behaviour such as using mobile phones and consuming alcohol and to help participants to analyse, discuss and change decisions and outcomes when using the road. Thank you to Mid Galloway Community Safety Forum and CLD for organising the opportunity.

Exams approach -

The senior prelims commence on Monday 1st February until Friday 12th February. During this time pupils sitting National 5 and Higher courses will undertake mock exams to help them practice for the final exams in May. Pupils are not given study leave and are expected to be in school in uniform during the prelims. Good luck to all pupils sitting prelims, hope all your hard work pays off!