Clansman changover

The many fans of The Clansman restaurant in Port William will be pleased to hear that a big change in personnel will mean little change to the menu.

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 26th October 2014, 10:47 am
Sheryl and  Keith Thomas are leaving The Clansman in good hands with chef Adele Wilson (centre) taking over .
Sheryl and Keith Thomas are leaving The Clansman in good hands with chef Adele Wilson (centre) taking over .

After a decade, popular chefs Keith and Sheryl Thomas are moving on to a new venture at Southerness, but they are handing their well established and popular eatery over to their 26-year old assistant chef Adele Wilson, who has worked there for 12 years, 10 of them with Keith and Sheryl.

Keith said: “I think it’s a wonderful opportunity for Adele, a 26-year-old entrepreneur taking over! It’s a good little business and the customer base we have built up over the years all know Adele. Everyone around here knows Adele and knows her family too. But we will miss Port William terribly. I just love the place, it’s special - it’s both peaceful and busy.

“And we have had fantastic staff too. All the years I have been in the business they are the best staff I’ve ever had and lovely people. They will all stay on with Adele and help her out.”

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Adele added: “I took this on basically because I didn’t want The Clansman to close or someone else take over and change things. Everyone has encouraged me to do this but I will keep everything the same to start with regards the menu. Perhaps next year, around March / April time, I will slowly begin to put one or two of my own things on. But the choices will be very similar to what we have right now as I was taught by Sheryl.

“The ‘Early Bird’ menu has been a great success here and has brought a lot of people in. It’s great for holidaymakers with kids and local families, as eating at half five is ideal for them.

“People don’t like change too much so I will continue the traditions and standards set by Keith and Sheryl.

“I will miss them, everyone will, and it will be very different without them but I am looking forward to running the Clansman very much.”

Adele Wilson will officially take over at The Clansman in The Square, Port William, on Saturday, November 1.