Hot competition for badminton titles

Machars junior badminton primary section
Machars junior badminton primary section

The Machars Junior Badminton Championships saw a reduction in numbers across the board this year.

A number of children who would have competed were absent due to a clash with the pantomime and a re-scheduled rugby match.

Those who did attend gave a very good account of themselves, especially in the latter stages with some very close games. The quality of play and sportsmanship was excellent.

The week kicked off with the primary schools on Monday, December 9, and saw Loughran McCarthy (Penninghame) and Jade Stewart (Minnigaff) winning their respective singles. They then joined forces to see off the opposition in the mixed doubles. The boys’ doubles went to Wigtown’s Alastair Craig and Jamie Smith and girls’ doubles to Emma McTeir and Atlanta Hill-Sherwin (Creetown). There is a lot of talent in the primary sector and it is to be hoped the children continue to play badminton when they move to the secondary school.

The under 15s on the Wednesday saw a rise in the number of girls competiting for the first time in a while. Kezia Dale once again came out the winner but she was given a good game in the final by Jennifer Craig. Russell Morton won the boys singles over his doubles partner Lewis Wallace. They went on to win the boys doubles very convincingly. Kezia and partner Maria Cowan beat Jennifer and her partner Charlie Stewart in the girls final. The two singles winners joined forces to see off everyone in the mixed, taking three gold medals apiece in the competition

The final night, Thursday, was the turn of the under 18s and a large number of the younger players were persuaded to enter for the experience. They all acquitted themselves well and in the girls’ singles once again it was Kezia and Jennifer who made it to the final with Kezia coming out the winner by only four points. They both played well. Kezia and Maria once again came through to win the girls doubles and playing with Liam Kelly, Kezia made it six gold medals over the two nights. Liam and partner Daniel Purves were unable to hold off Michael Brown and Fraser Hughes who took the boys doubles. Due to a previous commitment the boys singles final had to be postponed and Michael and Liam will play this at the beginning of January.

It is hoped that at least ten of the Douglas Ewart High School pupils will be going to play in the Dumfries and Galloway Secondary Schools badminton competition in the middle of January 2014. Winners from this competition then represent the Dumfries and Galloway area in the Scottish Schools in Perth, and we have been fortunate in the past to have had a number of players go forward for this.

Cilla Strain, who organised the event, expressed her thanks to the Active Schools and Primary Staff and helpers who have worked with and coached the Primary school children this session. She also thanked Mrs Susan Bell for doing the table and helping with the draw for the primary schools. Thanks also to everyone who came along on the above dates to help with the children, with a special thank you to the senior pupils who umpired for the Primary Schools.

Results were as follows.

Primary girls singles:

Jade Stewart bt Lizzie Williams 11-3. Atlanta Hill-Sherwin bt Jodi Stewart 11-9.

Kayleigh Ross bt Olivia Glen 11-4. Emma McTeir bt Fiona Wilson 11-1.

Jade Stewart bt Atlanta Hill-Sherwin 11-3. Emma McTeir bt Kayleigh Ross 18-16.

Final: Jade Stewart bt Emma McTeir 11-5.

Primary boys singles: Grego Orbain bt Lewis Allison 11-0. John Sproat bt Ben Petrie 11-5.

Loughran McCarthy bt Peter Bishop 11-0. Jamie Smith bt Dylan Hastie 11-2.

Gareth Gibson bt Rory Donnan 11-0. Rowan Syed-Tollan bt Grego Orbain 11-3.

John Sproat bt Cameron Kelly 17-15. Robbie Mann bt Jack Lynch 11-1.

Logan Harris bt Angus McClymont 11-2. Alistair Craig bt Ross Innes 11-1.

Loughran McCarthy bt Jamie Smith 11-7. Gareth Gibson bt Rowan Syed-Tollan 11-5.

Robbie Mann bt John Sproat 11-6. Alistair Craig bt Logan Harris 11-2.

Loughran McCarthy bt Gareth Gibson 11-8. Alistair Craig bt Robbie Mann 11-3.

Final: Loughran McCarthy bt Alistair Craig 11-4.

Primary girls doubles:

Kayleigh Ross & Lizzie Williams bt Jade Stewart & Jodi Stewart 9-7.

Emma McTeir & Atlanta Hill-Sherwin bt Fiona Wilson & Olivia Glen 9-2.

Final: Emma McTeir & Atlanta Hill-Sherwin bt Kayleigh Ross & Lizzie Williams 9-7.

Primary boys doubles:

Robbie Mann & Logan Harris bt Grego Orbain & Ben Petrie 9-7.

Loughran McCarthy & Gareth Gibson bt Jack Lynch & Rory Donnan 9-2.

Ross Innes & John Sproat bt Angus McClymont & Peter Bishop 9-1.

Cameron Kelly & Rowan Syed-Tollan bt Robbie Mann & Logan Harris 9-6.

Jamie Smith & Alistair Craig bt Dylan Hastie & Lewis Allison 9-2.

Loughran McCarthy & Gareth Gibson bt Ross Innes & John Sproat 9-1.

Jamie Smith & Alistair Craig bt Cameron Kelly & Rowan Syed-Tollan 9-2.

Final: Jamie Smith & Alistair Craig bt Loughran McCarthy & Gareth Gibson 9-5.

Primary mixed doubles:

Loughran McCarthy & Jade Stewart bt Rory Donnan & Olivia Glen 9-0.

Angus McClymont & Kayleigh Ross bt Rowan Syed-Tollan & Atlanta Hill-Sherwin 9-6.

Jamie Smith & Lizzie Williams bt Jack Lynch & Jodie Stewart 9-2.

Cameron Kelly & Emma McTeir bt Peter Bishop & Fiona Wilson 9-3.

Loughran McCarthy & Jade Stewart bt Angus McClymont & Kayleigh Ross 9-1.

Jamie Smith & Lizzie Williams bt Cameron Kelly & Emma McTeir 9-6.

Final: Loughran McCarthy & Jade Stewart bt Jamie Smith & Lizzie Williams 9-4.

Under 15 girls singles:

Kezia Dale bt Eleanor Mactier 21-4. Hannah Birse bt Joanne Wallace 21-6.

Charlie Stewart bt Nicole McKeevor 21-3. Jennifer Craig bt Maria Cowan 21-10.

Kezia Dale bt Hannah Birse 21-5. Jennifer Craig bt Charlie Stewart 21-12.

Final: Kezia Dale bt Jennifer Craig 21-15.

Under 15 boys singles:

Loughran McCarthy bt Oliver Clark 21-5.

Russell Morton bt Ruari Donald 21-7. Loughran McCarthy bt Craig Moffat 21-3.

Kyle McCrone bt Fraser McQuat 21-16. Lewis Wallace bt Finlay Sloan 21-2.

Russell Morton bt Loughran McCarthy 21-6. Lewis Wallace bt Kyle McCrone 21-2.

Final: Russell Morton bt Lewis Wallace 21-15.

Under 15 girls doubles:

Kezia Dale & Maria Cowan bt Eleanor Mactier & Joanne Wallace 21-3.

Jennifer Craig & Charlie Stewart bt Hanna Birse & Nicole McKeevor 21-3.

Final: Kezia Dale & Maria Cowan bt Jennifer Craig & Charlie Stewart 21-14.

Under 15 boys doubles:

Kyle McCrone & Loughran McCarthy bt Ruari Donald & Fraser McQuat 21-19.

Lewis Wallace & Russell Morton bt Finlay Sloan & Craig Moffat 21-6.

Final: Lewis Wallace & Russell Morton bt Kyle McCrone & Loughran McCarthy 21-6.

Under 15 mixed doubles:

Kezia Dale & Russell Morton bt Oliver Clark & Joanne Wallace 15-2.

Kyle McCrone & Jennifer Craig bt Finlay Sloan & Charlie Stewart 15-5.

Loughran McCarthy & Hannah Birse bt Ruari Donald & Eleanor Mactier 15-8.

Lewis Wallace & Maria Cowan bt Craig Moffat & Nicole McKeevor 15-6.

Russell Morton & Kezia Dale bt Kyle McCrone & Jennifer Craig 15-4.

Lewis Wallace & Maria Cowan bt Loughran McCarthy & Hannah Birse 15-13.

Final: Russell Morton & Kezia Dale bt Lewis Wallace & Maria Cowan 15-11.

Under 18 girls singles:

Ella Gorman bt Adele Ferrie 21-10.

Kezia Dale bt Eleanor Mactier 21-9. Hannah Birse bt Jill Kirkpatrick 21-16.

Ella Gorman bt Charlie Stewart 21-16. Jennifer Craig bt Maria Cowan 22-20.

Kezia Dale bt Hanna Birse 21-8. Jennifer Craig bt Ella Gorman 21-18.

Final: Kezia Dale bt Jennifer Craig 21-17.

Under 18 boys singles:

Liam Kelly bt Alistair Birse 21-19. Daniel Purves bt Kyle McCrone 21-12.

Michael Brown – Bye. Josh Stead bt Fraser Hughes 21-19.

Liam Kelly bt Daniel Purves 21-15. Michael Brown bt Josh Stead 21-0.

Final: Liam Kelly v Michael Brown – Still to be played

Under 18 girls doubles:

Kezia Dale & Maria Cowan bt Hannah Birse & Eleanor Mactier 21-7.

Charlie Stewart & Jennifer Craig bt Jill Kirkpatrick & Adele Ferrie 21-6.

Final: Kezia Dale & Maria Cowan bt Charlie Stewart & Jennifer Craig 21-16.

Under 18 boys doubles:

Liam Kelly & Daniel Purves – Bye

Michael Brown & Fraser Hughes bt Kyle McCrone & Alistair Birse 21-7.

Final: Michael Brown & Fraser Hughes bt Liam Kelly & Daniel Purves 21-17.

Under 18 mixed doubles:

Liam Kelly & Kezia Dale bt Kyle McCrone & Eleanor Mactier 21-3.

Daniel Purves & Jennifer Craig bt Alistair Birse & Hannah Birse 24-22

Michael Brown & Maria Cowan – Bye

Josh Stead & Ella Gorman bt Fraser Hughes & Charlie Stewart 22-20.

Liam Kelly & Kezia Dale bt Daniel Purves & Jennifer Craig 21-16.

Michael Brown & Maria Cowan bt Josh Stead & Ella Gorman 21-19.

Final: Liam Kelly & Kezia Dale bt Michael Brown & Maria Cowan 21-16.