Parity Cup

Whithorn held off challenges from Kirkinner, Kirkcowan and Port William to win the Parity Cup last weekend.

Wigtown finished strongly but came up shortand last year’s winners, Isle of Whithorn, finished out of the running this year.


Whithorn 10pts Newton Stewart 6pts; Kirkinner 6pts Kirkcowan 6pts; Port William 10pts Garlieston 2pts; Wigtown 12pts Isle of Whithorn 2pts.

Final places:

Whithorn 40pts

Kirkinner 35pts

Port William 34pts

Kirkcowan 34pts

Wigtown 32pts

Garlieston 27pts

Newton Stewart 18pts

Isle of Whithorn 8pts

Wigotwnshire Bowling Association

The WBA played Dumfriesshire Bowling Association in the County Championships at Lockerbie Bowling Green last weekend. The match was very close right up to the last few ends. After five ends played Wigtownshire was 27-26 up, after ten ends Wigtownshire was 50-48 up, after 15 ends Wigtownshire was 77-72 down after 10 ends Wigtownshire was 94-90 down. Over the last three ends, Dumfriesshire scored 20 shots to Wigotwnshire’s 10 shots to win the match 114 to 100.

Wigtownshire play Ayrshire South at Sandhead Bowling Green on Saturday.

The following players please report to the green for 1.30pm:

Rink 1 - L Conlan, A Kyle, A McMillan, A Hainey (skip)

Rink 2 - D Arnott, J McColm, J Arnott, A Higgins (skip)

Rink 3 - D Bark Jnr, A McLelland, J Boyce, D Kiltie Jnr (skip)

Rink 4 - J Milligan, M Conlan, J Penrose, K Cairnie (skip)

Rink 5 - M Lindsay, R Stevenson, A McClurg, D Kelly (skip)

Rink 6 - A Lyons, S Hainey, A Cairnie, Dav McColm (skip


Wigtownshire Bowling League


Machars - Kirkinner 55 shots 4 pts Kirkcowan 69 shots 6 pts; Wigtown 66 shots 8 pts Isle of Whithorn 56 shots 2 pts; Whithorn 76 shots 10 pts Newton Stewart 46 shots 0 pts; Port William 84 shots 10 pts Garlieston 39 shots 0 pts.

P F A Pts

Whithorn 6 461 343 56

Port William 6 459 342 42

Wigtown 6 401 353 34

Garlieston 6 365 385 30

Kirkcowan 6 377 407 24

Kirkinner 6 365 417 24

Isle of Whit 6 385 380 22

N Stewart 6 288 492 8

Rhins - Castle Kennedy 47 shots 4pts Stranraer B 71 shots 6 pts; Glenluce 70 shots 2 pts Kirkcolm 79 shots 8 pts; Sandhead 57 shots 0 pts West End 79 shots 10 pts; Stranraer R 103 shots 10 pts Drummores 40 shots 0 pts.

P F A Pts

West End 6 428 326 44

Stranraer B 5 375 240 38

Stranraer R 5 392 283 36

Kirkcolm 6 403 377 6

Sandhead 5 313 298 26

Drummore 6 334 435 24

Castle Ken 5 254 333 18

Glenluce 5 294 359 14

Portpatrick 5 227 409 2

Wigtownshire Triples


Tuesday, June 24, Drummore green, 7.00pm - B Wright D/M v B Greenhill K/C

Wigtownshire Fours


Thursday, June 26, Port William green, 7.00pm - J McClurg P/W v R Bark W/T / Newton Stewart green - B McKie N/S v J Lyons W/H / Whithorn green - A Broll W/H v Dav Bark W/T / Isle of Whithorn green - S McGuire Isle v A Rennie K/K

Wigtownshire Pairs Prelims


Friday, June 27, Port William green - D Kiltie P/W v S McGuire Isle / Newton Stewart green - R Marshall N/S v A Broll W/H / Kirkcowan green - D Cannon K/C v A Lynch N/S / Wigtown green - Dav Bark W/T v J McClurg P/W / Castle Kennedy green - D McKinstry C/K v C Reid S/T; A Hanlin C/K v L Bell S/T / Sandhead green - R Baillie Jnr S/H v B Greenhill K/C / Kirkcolm green - B Garret K/C v A Laverie G/L / West End green - J McKie W/E v A Maxwell P/P.

Kirkcowan Bowling Club

Kirkcowan Bowling Club will be holding an open pairs tournament on Saturday June 21, sponsored by Kinnear for Carpets.

Could the players wishing to take part report to the bowling green for 11.30am when the draw will be made.

Entries to 01671 830 256.

Stranraer Bowling Club

The Bowls Scotland regional finals will take place at Stranraer Bowling Club over the coming week. The singles and junior finals will be played at Stranraer Bowling Club on Monday, June 23; Singles: A Hainey (WE) v D Kiltie (PW); junior singles; S Hainey (WE) v G Penrose (PW); senior fours; P Turner (Garl) v J Stevenson (SR).

Tuesday June 24; mixed; R Bark/M Lamb (Wig) v A Hainey/A Sproat (WE). SMonday, June 30; senior singles; D McNeillie (CK) v B Tingey (PP); triples; D Kelly (SR) or D McGinn (Kirk) v P Thomson (PP); fours; P Brolls (Whit) v H McColm (SR). All games commence at 7pm. The winners will go on to the national finals at Northfield.