It all came down to exact figures with every ballot paper counted, verified and checked again before any verdict could be delivered.

The Scottish referedum vote was presided over locally by a team of experienced, efficient and honest staff who were able to deliver precise numbers of votes cast, where the voter resided and how many chose to spoil their ballots.

And the region made history in more ways than one with an 87.5% turnout of voters, helping contribute to the highest ever figure in a national vote since 1950.

A whopping 106,775 voters turn out in region out of 122,036 on the elctorate.

A total of 36,614 votes were cast for Yes and a total of 70,039 votes were cast for No, and 122 votes were rejected for a number of reasons, including: 18 -voted in favour of both answers; 9 included writing or a mark by which the voter could be identified and 95 were unmarked or void for uncertainty.

Votes counted per area of the region show Stranraer and North Rhins: 4,998; Wigtown West: 4,606; Mid Galloway: 5,252; Dee: 5,410; Castle Douglas and Glenkens: 5,793; Abbey: 6,420;North West Dumfries: 6,784; Mid and Upper Nithsdale: 6,445; Lochar: 6,976; Nith: 6,735; Annandale South: 7,549; Annandale North: 7,159; Annandale East and Eskdale: 6,719.

The country’s voting total - 3,619,915 - will have included many voters who had never cast their ballot before or had stayed away from the polling booths for many years.

The poll also marked a historic breakthrough by allowing 16 and 17-year-olds to vote in a national election for the first time.

Nationally, 691 papers were spoiled.

As Scotland woke up to news that it had rejected independence, no one was fooled into thinking there had not been a monumental shift in UK politics over night.

Campaigners on both sides are now awaiting news of what will be the first change made after promises from an early morning statement broadcast at 7am from Downing Street. Prime minister David Cameron thanked voters and said he would take on board that there had been a clear call for change.

Meanwhile, Scotlan’d First Minister finally spoke out to shock a nation and resign from his position.

SNP MSP Dr Aileen McLeod, who had been clearly emotional the previous evening said: “We have fought the most fantastic campaign and I think there should be a huge thank you go out to each and every one of the campaigners on both the Yes side and the No side.”