Walkers found safe in two separate incidents

Members of the team discuss the search
Members of the team discuss the search

GALLOWAY Mountain Rescue Team were called out to two incidents within 12 hours - in the same area of the hills.

Both incidents happened in the Glentrool area on Thursday and saw the first, an 82-year-old hill walker, found safe and well after losing his bearings near the Merrick and ending up 19km away near Carsphairn. He had spent the night on the hills but was none the worse for it.

The second walker was a 36-year-old man from the Netherlands who went missing in woodland after continuing a walk when his family decided to head back to their accommodation.

He was found at 11.40pm.

GMRT leader Mike McCann said it was a long time since they had had two callouts in one day and it was “quite a coincidence” they had started in the same area.

He added: “The first callout was particularly interesting since the fitness level of our 82-year-old lost walker meant he had walked much further, and completely in the opposite direction, to what he had intended,” he said.

“A telephone conversation with him allowed us to determine his location by the description of the nearby landmarks.

“Otherwise we might have been searching for some considerable time.”