SNP MSP hits back at Fergusson in Whithorn fireworks row

MSP Aileen McLeod

MSP Aileen McLeod

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South of Scotland MSP Aileen McLeod has hit back at comments from fellow MSP Alex Fergusson as the row over the decision by Scottish Fire and Rescue bosses to order the cancellation of the Whithorn Community Bonfire and Fireworks event escalates.

SNP MSP Dr McLeod said: “I am deeply disappointed that this popular and safe community event has had to be cancelled. I have already taken the matter to the Fire Service’s Local Senior Officer but will also be raising the issue with the Chief Fire Officer as a matter of urgency. I am even more disappointed that Alex Fergusson has decided to use this as an opportunity to score cheap points against the SNP.

“Rather than working together with me to try to change the Fire Service’s mind to allow the event to go ahead he’d rather attack the SNP, which I think most people will understand had nothing to do with the decision, and will do nothing to get this event reinstated.”