Sexperts in the school

The 'sexperts' give their talk

The 'sexperts' give their talk

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RECENTLY sixth years at the Douglas Ewart High School participated in ‘sexperts’, a peer education programme designed to teach third years about sexual health and how to stay safe.

This involved all of the sixth years completing training in a number of different areas including; Anatomy, Contraception, S.T.Is, Relationships and the Law, and Alcohol. They then split into groups, with each one taking responsibility for a different topic. 

After much hard work and planning, on the 23rd January the sixth years presented their final presentations to the third years. The day was very successful. Not only did the third years become much more self aware, they also gained important knowledge and had fun in the process. The sixth years developed the ability to collate information, organise presentations and gained confidence in presenting to their peers in a fun and educational way.