Police praise festive revellers

POLICE have praised the behaviour of festive revellers this weekend after it passed without incident.

The final Friday before Christmas has become known as ‘Black Eye Friday’ because of the volume of anti-social behaviour recorded.

Previous years have seen high numbers of calls to the police and many instances of drink-fuelled violence and disorder.

However this year police are pleased to report a generally peaceful weekend in the lead up to Christmas.

Divisional Commander Superintendent Steven Lowther said: “We increased our patrols over the weekend as we knew the potential for disorder amongst party revellers.

“We took a sensible approach to our policing, we fully understand it is the time to celebrate and have fun and for the vast majority this was the case. Our officers only intervened when it was absolutely necessary. Over the course of the weekend we only dealt with a select number of incidents, and it has to be said, this was no different from any other weekend.

“I would like to thank everyone for their responsible behaviour and hope that it continues throughout the Festive season and into the New Year.