Parking Bays

THE siting of disabled parking bays for blue badge holders in the town of Whithorn caused controversy at the town’s community council meeting recently.

The council’s original proposal was to put two parking bays at the site of the present bus stop, outside the town’s newsagents, and move the bus stop back up George Street to outside the bank, but this did not get the thumbs up from the community councillors who voted by seven to two to have them situated elsewhere.

There was also a rumour that some people who were blue badge holders would apply for a dedicated parking bay for their own use allowed by the council at a cost.

The council members pointed out that the area suggested was often double parked and could lead to cars being blocked in. The height of the pavements there could also be a potential problem for someone with restricted mobility.

Mid Galloway Councillor Alistair Geddes pointed out that the siting of disabled parking bays were being discussed by local community organisations all over the region. He added that as Whithorn has no disabled parking at the moment it will happen, but it was up to the community council to tell Dumfries and Galloway Council where the best place would be to site them.

Alternative areas such as outside the Grapes Hotel were suggested and it was decided to ask the council for a revised plan.

This week Whithorn Community council chairman Francis O’Neill said: “We just felt we needed more information. The parking bay situation will be discussed again this Tuesday night when a council official will be there. But I don’t think the revamped plans for the parking bays will be available by then.”