Newton author’s new childrens book

NEWTON Stewart based author Christina Johnston has just published a children’s book called ‘The Worry Tree’ which follows the adventures of a young boy, Christopher.

Thirty-two year old Christina has written a series of children’s books and is now working on a novel for adults.

She said: “Having worked within the private sector and local government sector for over 10 years in administration I decided to change my focus to the arts.

“I decided to learn to draw, paint and illustrate, the majority of which was initially self taught. Once I decided I had a passion for it I took it further and received a diploma in art and design in 2009/2010 whilst in London.

“This would then contribute to my writing style and help shape the path I had imagined for myself. I began writing Christopher’s Adventures between London, where I was based, and in Scotland where my parents and I are based, this provided the additional focus and support I needed to create The Worry Tree.

“I created Christopher’s Adventures by considering children’s fables and how the effect of such stories and metaphors help to shape the children’s thought patterns in later life.

“By telling simple tales of right and wrong, good and bad, help or hinder stories we are able to impart and easier approach to help shape and guide children’s minds for dealing with problems in later life.

“The Worry Tree is my first response to this, by telling a story about how natural and difficult it can be dealing with problems when young and the problems of those around you and finding ways to cope.

“I decided to create Christopher’s Adventures through a process which incorporated the majority of skills which had been taught to me through school, college as well as self taught skills.

“My first steps were to create a story, then the illustrations.

“The illustration process involves photography for each illustration to provide an overview of how I want it to look.

“Each illustration is then pencilled and water coloured then re-photographed and digitally edited to enhance the final image.

“The Worry Tree, The Bridge, Christopher and the Race and Christopher and the Golden Web are inspired by places in Newton Stewart/Creetown, such as the Cree Bridge and Penfield Wood which I have used for illustrative purposes.

“I am currently working on a novel for adults which is primarily a sci/fi thriller, although I do expect to continue with some more stories to continue Christopher’s Adventures, as I now have a strong attachment to the series and of course Christopher.”

All Christina E Johnston’s books are available to buy on Amazon.