MSP’s hopes for Whithorn Trust

Jim Hume, Liberal Democrat MSP for South Scotland, is urging the Culture Secretary and Dumfries and Galloway Council Chief Executive to come together in a bid to secure the long term future of the Whithorn Trust.

Mr Hume said: “There was great relief following the recent donation to the Trust, but nonetheless the threat of insufficient funding still effectively hangs over the Trust with the withdrawal of council funding. This is still a concerning issue for the area given its heavy reliance on heritage tourism.

“The regional benefits that come from what is a relatively small amount of money in overall budget terms are clear, and as well as asking the council to review that decision again, I believe there is also an opportunity for the Culture Secretary to enter into discussions with the Council and the Trustees in order to establish a sound footing for the Trust in the years to come.

“The Culture Secretary has it in her power to earmark the Trust as eligible for Scotland’s core museum funding given its national significance.”