MP slams payrise proposals

Dumfries and Galloway MP Russell Brown has come out against the proposed increase to MP salaries.

This comes are Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) announced they want to raise salaries by 11% (£7,600) in 2015, although they have also announced a number of cuts in MPs allowances such as resettlement payments and cuts in MPs pensions.

Russell Brown MP said: “If ever there was a time not to propose such a salary increase, then it is definitely now when so many hard-pressed individuals and families are really struggling with the cost of living. I accept that IPSA is totally independent. In 2010, it was decided that they should take control of MPs salaries and pensions and I supported this because I thought it was ridiculous MPs got to set their own pay. But just because your independent, doesn’t mean you are right and in this case proposing a big pay rise is simply wrong and out of touch. I strongly feel that all these proposals should be abandoned. I just hope that common sense will prevail in this matter “