MP demands broadband attention

FOLLOWING a number of complaints about interrupted broadband supply in the Kirkinner and Whauphill areas, MP Russell Brown has written to BT to demand urgent repairs.

The MP has called on BT to put major investment into the Kirkinner exchange to increase broadband speeds and solve the persistent problems local residents have suffered with internet access.

For several weeks, some customers in the area have suffered internet outages and slow speeds, and many constituents have contacted Mr Brown to complain about the poor service they are receiving.

Dumfries and Galloway MP Russell Brown said: “Local people in Kirkinner and Whauphill are sick to the back teeth of problems with their broadband. Fast, reliable internet access is vital to local businesses in rural areas and they are being let down by the current service. We all accept that occasionally there will be problems, but the outages have been going on for far too long now. Even when the broadband is working it is a woeful speed. I have called on BT to put major investment into the exchange so that local people see a real boost to their internet access. I’ve made it clear this is an urgent issue because residents and business need to see an improvement quickly.”