MSP calls for home report participation

Reacting to the Scottish Government’s announcement that the promised Home Report consultation has been published, Galloway and West Dumfries MSP Alex Fergusson has called on the region to respond.

He said: “I very much welcome this consultation on Home Reports, about which there has been much controversy since their introduction following a pilot scheme which was anything but convincing. Despite that, the Scottish Government saw fit to introduce the system in December 2008 with an agreement to review it after 5 years. That five years is now up, and I want to encourage the many people who have contacted me over the last five years to submit their views to the consultation. They have until the 27th February to do so, and can submit responses to homereportconsultation@scotland.gsi.gov.uk.”

The Home Report was introduced to give more information upfront about the condition, energy efficiency and valuation of a property and was introduced in 2008.




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