HMS Charger docks in Kirkcudbright

HMS Charger at berth, Kirkcudbright Marina. SGGY 070414 6

HMS Charger at berth, Kirkcudbright Marina. SGGY 070414 6

Kirkcudbright Marina played host to the Royal Navy’s HMS Charger for a couple of days this week as part of training for a crew of students.

The visit was part of the ship’s Easter deployment, with the students on board undergoing seamanship and leadership training.

As well as large oft-visited ports like Belfast, HMS Charger’s 13-day journey also takes her to smaller harbours like Carrickfergus and Menai Bridge.

Each ship carries a full-time Royal Navy crew of five, which will be joined by up to 12 university students at any one time.

“Be under no illusion about the intensity of this deployment,” explained HMS Charger’s Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Commander Ian Critchley. “The students will certainly be put through their paces.

“There is no better experience for them than to get to sea and put theory into practice in whatever situations or conditions are thrown at them.

“But it also has to be fun and there should be down time in the evenings for the students to have some fun and reflect on what that day at sea has taught them.”




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