Lifeboat makes its rescue debut

THE new RNLI Portpatrick lifeboat, RNLB John Buchanan Barr, was launched for the first time on Tuesday 22 November to assist a fishing vessel in difficulty near Port William.

Liverpool Coastguard requested the launch of the RNLI Portpatrick lifeboat to help in the rescue of an eleven metre fishing vessel with three adults aboard, which had grounded near Port William. The Port William independent inshore rescue lifeboat was also launched to take part in the rescue.

RNLI volunteers launched the RNLB John Buchanan Barr at 4.26pm. Whilst en route to the incident, Liverpool coastguard stood down the Portpatrick lifeboat at 5.24pm, as the fishing vessel had managed to free itself with the help of the Port William rescue boat. The Portpatrick lifeboat returned to base, arriving at Portpatrick harbour at 6.45pm.