LETTER: SNP is wedded to centralising

SNP MSP Aileen McLeod does no favours to herself or her party by condemning Liberal Democrats for “shameles hypocrisy” because they criticised the SNP for centralising police forces in Scotland (“MSP brands attack as hypocrisy”, The Galloway Gazette, January 11).

For more than 100 years Liberals have campaigned for a Scottish Parliament, and Scottish Liberal Democrats will continue to press for further devolution within a federal UK, rather than partition as desired by the SNP.

The recent report of the Home Rule and Community Rule Commission, chaired by Sir Menzies Campbell for the Scottish Liberal Democrats, re-emphasised this commitment together with radical recommendations for greater autonomy for local communities.

This contrasts with the centralised approach of the present SNP Scottish government, of which the disbandment of the efficient Dumfries and Galloway Constabulary is but one example.

David Hannay,

Cuddyfield, Carsluith.