Golf club closure rumours ‘inaccurate’ says treasurer

NEWTON Stewart Golf Club treasurer John Sawyer this week denied the club was on the point of no return and sought to assure both the golfers and the townspeople that the golf club would continue.

Mr Sawyer said that last week’s front page headlines in The Galloway Gazette stating that Newton Stewart Golf Club, which has around 200 regular members, was “facing closure” was “inaccurate”.

Mr Sawyer didn’t deny that the club had financial problems but pointed out that “all golf clubs are struggling at this time”.

With two diverging opinions on the state of the 116-year-old club, Mr Sawyer refuted suggestions that there was a rift within the rank and file, saying: “There is no split but there are different points of view.”

Mr Sawyer told the Gazette: “The situation is that the club has been going through financial difficulties. But we are not faced with closure. We are working with the local authority and there is no imminent danger of us going bankrupt.

“But, basically, it is difficult trading. The club needs new members and we have suffered because there have been fewer visitors coming to Dumfries and Galloway. But we are working through it and are not on the brink of going under.

“We will be trading next year and trading the year after that. Saying the club will close is wrong and while we can’t foresee the future we want to reassure people that the golf club will be there for them.

“The community of Newton Stewart should be proud they have an 18-hole golf course. Not many towns the size of Newton Stewart, with around 3500 people, have that.”