Creetown plays with fire

The workshop with bellows
The workshop with bellows

Plans for a new sculpture for Creetown are getting underway and next Saturday members of the public will be able to come along and see it take shape.

A temporary furnace has been set up in the village by “The Mobile Foundry” a travelling sculpture workshop which runs hands-on educational and demonstration events around Scotland.

Artists from The Stove Collective, who are behind the sculpture, have teamed up with metal-work artist, Roddie Mathieson who runs The Mobile Foundry, to begin creating a bronze bell which will form the centrepiece of the sculpture.

“This is an opportunity to see the casting process in action,” said Roddie.

“We will make moulds of the bell and clapper and pour them as part of a public demonstration. It is quite a spectacle and really exciting to watch.”

Artists from The Stove have been working with the community for a number of months now, drawing inspiration for the sculpture from public events, workshops and discussions.

“It is important that the sculpture reflects the history, traditions and character of the village,” says Will Levi-Marshall, lead artist on the project.

“We have been working closely with Creetown Primary School and next week the pupils will get a chance to try their hand at the casting process. They will use moulds to make sculptures and will then use a charcoal furnace with bellows to cast them.”

The casting event will take place on Saturday the 11th of May at the old blacksmith’s shop in St John Street, Creetown. The cast making will take place from 10am till 1pm and the pouring will happen from 2pm onwards. Everyone is welcome to come along.

The sculpture has been commissioned by Creetown Initiative and has been funded by prize money that the village won from the Creative Places programme as well as a grant from LEADER. More information is available on the project’s blog at or by calling Creetown Initiative on 01671 820654.