Creetown in WIgtownshire?

CONFUSION reigns in Creetown over which royal representative is supposed to open local facilities.

Last Friday Terry Brewis, the Lord Lieutenant of Wigtownshire opened the new Adamson Square - much to the annoyance of some residents.

Disgruntled citizens feel that as Creetown is in Kirkcudbrightshire, Sir Malcolm Ross, the Lord Lieutenant of the Stewartry should have been handed the job.

Main organising body, Dumfries and Galloway Arts Association (DGAA) added to the confusion - they told the Gazette that "Creetown was once in Wigtownshire".

Creetown resident Robert Ross did not go to Friday's opening event.

He told the Gazette: "I was angry about it. I received an invitation, but didn't attend. Creetown is in Kirkcudbrightshire - not Wigtownshire."

Mr Ross's fellow Creetonian, 80 year-old Fay Harvey served with her late husband for 18 years on the Creetown Community Council and went to the ceremony.

She said: I didn't hear any objections to Mrs Brewis, but personally speaking, I thought there were was a lot of people in the village more deserving - people who have done a lot over the years for Creetown.

"The same happened when they opened the Balloch Wood in 2004, Mrs Whammond, the Deputy Lieutenant of Wigtownshire performed the opening ceremony -someone who had nothing to do with Creetown."

The Lord Lieutenant Sir Malcolm Ross, the Lord Lieutenant of the Stewartry, has his jurisdiction defined by the ancient boundaries of the Stewartry.

Spokesperson Hazel Kerr, who works in the Lord Lieutenant's office in Kirkcudbright confirmed to the Gazette: "The Lord Lieutenant of the Stewartry covers up to the River Cree in the west, historically the boundary of the Stewartry and Kirkcudbrightshire."

But a spokesperson for DGAA said: "Just to clarify, we were keen not to ask a politician, as the project has always had cross party support, and Mrs Brewis was suggested to us via members of the community, and was available.

"Creetown was once in Wigtownshire, and is certainly close to the border. We feel that Mrs Brewis did an excellent job on the day."

Proud Creetonian Eddie McGaw said: "I'm not bothered who was opening the Square. It's a total waste of money as far as I'm concerned.

"There are things badly needed in Creetown, a youth club building for example, that are far more important to the people of Creetown.

"There was a lot of money spent on it and the granite used was Chinese, when there is all that Creetown granite on the doorstep."

Ishbel Murray also served on the Community Council for many years, but did not receive a personal invite to the opening. She was annoyed that a bequest, in the region of 250,000, was used for the development of the Square.

She told The Galloway Gazette: "I find, as a true Creetonian, that the Square is an utter waste of public money and the Slevin bequest could have been used for more appropriate projects."

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