Callers pretend to be local cops

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POLICE are warning people to be vigilant over bogus callers following fake cop calls.

The warning comes after several reported incidents. The first was when a local woman from Newton Stewart received a call from a male claiming to be from the police and a local crime prevention officer. This male then asked for money for cash donations to fund a crime prevention campaign on animal cruelty. The woman was alert this was a scam and terminated the call.

In another separate incident a local Newton Stewart man received a call from an Asian sounding male who claimed to work for the man’s bank. The caller did not give his name and said that the local man was due a refund in bank charges and requested his bank details. The local man did not divulge his any information to the male caller and told him he would contact his bank direct. The local man’s bank subsequently informed him this was a scam.

Police advice is to never give out personal or banking details to someone you do not know. Ask for any request in writing. Research the person or the company they claim to work for by speaking to friends, family and trusted colleagues or on the internet. If possible visit the head branch, store or head office of the company they say they are from to speak to staff directly. Always take down as much detail about the caller as possible, such as name, telephone number, accent and company they claim to work for and hand into police.

Window smashed – Stranraer

A window was smashed at Wigtownshire rugby Club at around 03.45hrs on Friday 15 April.

Anyone with any information on these incidents is asked to contact police on 0845 600 5701 or any police officer. Information can also be left anonymously with Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. Crime prevention advice can be found on police website